'Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind' on-ride POV video and photo tour of the Wonders of Xandar pavilion

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Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind complete walk-through and tour
Posted: Saturday May 7, 2022 5:40pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guest previews are now underway at EPCOT's "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind" leading up the official full opening on May 27 2022.

We have a full photo tour of everything at the Wonders of Xandar pavilion, from the Star Blaster ship at the entrance, through the Galaxarium, the Xandar Gallery queue area, pre-shows, the load stations, the Star Jumper ride vehicle and on-ride views.

Cast Members also gave permission today to shoot onride POV which you can see in below. (4K YouTube)

Visit our photo gallery to see a complete photo tour through the Wonders of Xandar pavilion's "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind."

Read our first impressions and early review of EPCOT's 'Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind' from the initial previews, and a description of the pre-shows and storyline here.

Visit our photo gallery to see a complete photo tour through the Wonders of Xandar pavilion's "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind."

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jpchambana1 hour ago

The pre shows are an important part of the ride for Guardians. The problem here was twofold it turned out. Only one side was loading but they were still sending through full rooms instead of half filled rooms, hence the backlog. The main change they really need to implement is routing ECVs away from that area after the second pre-show. No other attraction which has pre-shows like this has guests still on ECVs still at that point (I’m thinking Test Track, Dinosaur etc - I may be misremembering) because it’s not safe for those on the ECV and those around them.

TrainChasers1 hour ago

Since I haven’t been to this attraction and don’t fully understand the layout it’s hard to know for sure how dangerous or not this was. If it was indeed as packed / dangerous as it appears from the photo and your description you may want to contact Reedy Creek Fire Chief with your experience - if the capacity for that area is being exceeded it needs to be looked into.

TrojanUSC1 hour ago

It's a shame Disney is so insistent on merging LL with stand-by before preshows. Universal does a better job at having Express go all the way to the loading platform.

jpchambana2 hours ago

Managed to ride this afternoon with a ILL (we didn’t have park reservations for Epcot so had to hop in the afternoon). The ride is great (however it did make me pretty dizzy). The loading, however, in the afternoon was a mess. After the second pre-show, the vestibule area gets filled with too many people and people on ECVs. This was downright dangerous when we were loading (for us, from the risk of feet being run over from ECVs) and scary for those on the ECVs because they simply can’t see anything. It definitely needs a bit of a rethink. We ended up receiving a refund on the ILL as one of our party members has a DAS for sensory issues and was panicking throughout the entire line. Would still recommend the ride, shame about the queue experience.

MagicHappens19712 hours ago

I got on at ~8:20pm and everyone applauded the pre shows and after the ride ended.

Centauri Space Station2 hours ago

General reaction seems to be happy too

Centauri Space Station2 hours ago

They already had a big opening ceremony with fireworks and music

DoleWhipDrea2 hours ago

I'm surprised to read this, too. My train's reaction was the complete opposite, with everyone applauding the ride.

DoleWhipDrea2 hours ago

The Mummy (UO) is significantly more intense and rough than GotG:CW. I agree with Disney calling Guardians a "family coaster" but it is more thrilling than I thought it would be. The ride itself is very smooth and a lot of fun! Honestly the only thing that I felt was a poor design choice (besides not making a design statement with the big blue building) was placing a flight of stairs for guests to climb after all the spinning...it should have been an escalator. I don't recommend going on this ride with a full stomach, and if you get easily nauseous it might be a good idea to take some Dramamine ahead of time. This is by far the most efficient loading area for a coaster that I've seen. I think Ops and WDI really communicated with each other on its design. There's even a secondary line by the front of the vehicles to wait for the front row. Everything moves well and there's enough space for everyone to be comfortable. For anyone that has experienced Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy at Disneyland, I feel that this is the evolution of that idea but with the ability to design around it, and it works very well! I generally don't like attractions that heavily rely on screens but in this instance I feel that it was the right choice here. While it would have been lovely to see some dinos get repurposed for this, I don't think it would have worked. Here's hoping that the WDWRR gets a bit of an expansion ala Disneyland with it's own Primeval World! As for edutainment...there's a little in the planetarium part of the queue with a voiceover, and of course the reference of "The Big Bang." The queue feels like it was scaled down to utilize more screen/projection technology (as a side-note, perhaps it was just a similar-looking actor, but I swear they put Bob Chapek's image as one of the notable citizens they flip through.) Overall it's a delightful attraction with great moments of laughter and thrill, and I can't wait to ride it again. Hopefully I will get into the shop sometime soon (there was quite a line for both that and Creations.)

TrainChasers3 hours ago

I’ve seen some pretty positive reviews from people I follow on social media. To those who have ridden both... is this comparable to the Mummy?

mergatroid3 hours ago

I didn't think you were, glad you enjoyed it.

DisneywithNick3 hours ago

I don't mean for it to be taken as me saying I or others don't like the ride. It's incredible and easily one of my favorites of all time. That said this morning's reactions variably different from previews. Maybe my point wasn't executed well.

Incomudro4 hours ago

Yeah, I flat out don't believe the "stale" reaction comment. People don't exit the most basic of coasters with a stale reaction.

Epcot82Guy5 hours ago

Sadly that's likely the resellers. Not saying that to impact or color your impressions of the ride at all. Rather just highlighting the sad reality of modern Disney merch.