Walt Disney Imagineers celebrate the completion of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind'

21 days ago in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Posted: Friday May 6, 2022 5:06pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

As general previews get underway this weekend and just twenty days until the grand opening of "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind," Walt Disney Imagineers are celebrating the completion of the project.

This photo shared by Zach Riddley on Instagram shows the team outside the Wonders of Xandar pavilion, and includes Portfolio Creative Executive Tom Fitgerald, Portfolio Creative Executive Marvel Scott Drake, Senior Producer Wyatt Winter and EPCOT lead and Portfolio Creative Executive New Experience Development Zach Riddley.

Zach said, "I am proud of these people, our Imagineers and all of our extended team who believed in this dream for a brand new experience for EPCOT that is truly out of this world. We are very close to this dream being a reality for the world to experience. "

He continued, "Congratulations to all over the years who made Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind possible. Colleagues, our families, our partners and our mentors. This is OUR achievement. And it represents the spirit at the core of this special park "

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Casper Gutman1 hour ago

Disney rides are supposed to be aesthetically, conceptually, or even intellectually thrilling. Physical thrills are by far the easiest to achieve - any amusement park can do it. That’s part of why Disney has come to rely more and more on physical thrills as their design abilities have precipitously declined.

Vinnie Mac1 hour ago

To be fair, rotation and airtime are different types of forces. I can handle both but I can definitely handle airtime better.

Jacob Marley1 hour ago

You're not alone. I don't understand it but I'm the same way. Have ridden many coasters many times without the least bit of nausea. Yet if I'm riding on a spinning ride or a real curvy road, I'm in trouble. 🤢 Logically if I enjoy coasters I should at least be able to handle curvy roads. But yet...

MagicHappens19711 hour ago

To me the different songs also offer a huge re-rideability factor. I’ve only heard I Ran & Conga so far and definitely want to hear all 6 songs

Centauri Space Station2 hours ago

You said many will never ride or it’s a 1 and done? Doesn’t seem like it and that’s not even .005% of the tweets

HauntedPirate2 hours ago

So your rebuke that many won't ride due to motion sickness concerns is... 5 tweets?

RSoxNo12 hours ago

Looks like the pre-show may be matching actual ride capacity. Both are efficient, but at least on opening day they were sending through empty cars because they weren't able to stack people at load / unload as efficiently. This is a good problem to have, and a far cry from the operational issues in the other direction.

solidyne3 hours ago

When you (and others) say look forward, do you mean in the direction the car is facing or in the direction the car is moving down the track?

Centauri Space Station4 hours ago

Nope not at all

Allyp4 hours ago

I get queasy on any simulator ride. Smugglers, rocking rollercoaster, FOP all get me a bit off. I still ride them but I know when to close my eyes for a moment to help me orient myself. Star tours I refuse to get on. For guardians, I just closed my eyes during the parts where I felt off. My advice is to close them for a few seconds during the turns and to try to keep your sight line forward. There’s one big swirly section that I’d recommend to shut your eyes for. There’s really not a whole lot to “look” at other than at the beginning. Shutting my eyes helped me come off the ride doing just fine.

DCBaker4 hours ago

It appears 230 will be the last group called on opening day.

MagicHappens19714 hours ago

After riding it today for the second time, I just can’t understand how anyone can deny that this ride is awesome! It is just genuinely so fun and a great addition to WDW.

EeyoreFan#244 hours ago

I remembering hearing at one point awhile ago that test track, since it was a new technology, did some kind of on site R&D where they intentionally disabled all safety systems to literally crash test an uncontrolled ride vehicles. It unattached itself from the track around the breaking/downhill return section of the outdoor loop. I handful of times I have thought about this and cannot remember where I heard this from or have been able to find sources online to refresh my memory about actual details vs what I think I remember hearing.

egg5 hours ago

It’s not like it ever really directly faces a screen post-launch that’s really important to the story (not that there’s much of a story post-launch anyway). They could definitely turn it down a notch and just have people look to the sides a little more.