PHOTO - Ride vehicles arrive at EPCOT's Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Nov 05, 2020 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Walt Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley today shared a photo of the ride vehicles from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Zach said, "If you look closely at the colorful paint design on the vehicles (called coaches in roller coaster engineering parlance), each one is unique with different wear patterns and impact marks. Imagineers were inspired by markings that appear on NASA Space Shuttles and other spacecraft upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere."

Dubbed the 'omincoaster,' the rollercoaster vehicles are unique in that they can rotate 360 degrees and will launch in reverse. Each vehicle seats 4 in a 2x4 configuration with individual lap bars. We believe that each train will be comprised of 5 coaches, but this not yet confirmed.

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Article Posted: Nov 05, 2020 / 2:51pm ET
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MisterPenguin3 days ago

It seems to be the plan that there will indeed be solar panels. The current roofing configuration seems unsuitable for anything else.

wdwmagic3 days ago

They don't have any CM's in-front of Ratatouille, so I wouldn't be surprised see the walls come down and just have a sign saying Coming "Soon."

MrPromey3 days ago

PHOTOS - Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind construction at EPCOT Hopefully, when they get that front exterior completed, they'll be able to take down the construction wall so this part of the park doesn't have that up for the next 10+ months. Then again, if they take down the wall, they'll need to maintain landscaping and probably employ a castmember or two to stand at the front and explain to people that it's not open so who knows? It's not like the days of extended Test Track delays where they could actually use the new show building look as a weenie to get people to come up and interact with the sponsor by filling out a short survey in the guise of a car giveaway to justify all that. Under current circumstances, it's hard to imagine them being willing to throw their own cast dollars at this right now.

montyz813 days ago

So is it confirmed that the photovoltaic cells will not be included?

JEANYLASER3 days ago

Thank you Tparris! for the Information!

tparris3 days ago

No, it won’t have any inversions.

JEANYLASER3 days ago

Is Guardians the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will have loops? :confused:

EricsBiscuit4 days ago

Disney did something very Machiavellian and quite genius. When you’re fresh meat, you kill and throw them something fresher! By putting out two hideous monstrosities in the WSL, they have made GotG showbuilding look like small peanuts!

wannabeBelle4 days ago

CaptainNicko4 days ago

MisterPenguin4 days ago

The main skill is being able to sing sweetly such that the animals will sweep and clean the place up. Saves tons on labor cost.

CaptainNicko4 days ago

So.... it's open then? What sort of qualifications are you looking for?

MisterPenguin6 days ago

Greystone started calling himself that at the M&Gs, so, I had to kick him out of the park.

EricsBiscuit6 days ago

Who is the Lord Protector of Animal Kingdom?