Disney World's Frontierland gets a new look as changes come to the boardwalk walkways including raised platforms

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Boardwalk replacement in Frontierland
Posted: Friday September 3, 2021 12:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Frontierland has a new look as work continues replacing the boardwalk walkways that run alongside the buildings.

All of the wooden walkways that line the front of the buildings have been replaced or are in the process of being replaced.

Most notably, a couple of raised platforms have been built in areas previously home to large trees.

While parades are not currently taking place at Magic Kingdom, it certainly looks like Disney is preparing for the future by increasing viewing areas and offering platforms - ideal for kids to stand on for a better view.

Unfortunately, the new platforms come at the expense of some oak trees in the area that provided valuable shade.

At Pecos Bill, work is also underway on replacing the stone all around the building.

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MisterPenguin15 days ago

Next trip, I'm bringing my dancin' clogs!!

DHSfanatic17 days ago

Do NOT give them ideas!

UNCgolf17 days ago

I almost mentioned that earlier -- thematically there probably shouldn't be any trees out there for the kind of Western town it's evoking. But it's an instance where the positives of having trees there outweighs any thematic negatives.

Master Yoda17 days ago

Don't you remember all of the towns built among lush forests in the Wild West? ;)

peter1143517 days ago

They killed it by removing 1 tree?

Lands of Wonder17 days ago

Killing it if anything

Goofyernmost18 days ago

Then it was a completely misleading headline. However, it doesn't matter, if it has always been there than there are no changes, just fixing old stuff which is good since they are always accused of never doing any maintenance. I do not always read entire threads depending on when I join in. You corrected me, I accepted that I was mistaken. Let's just move on.

Master Yoda19 days ago

Evidence that you are correct from a Frontierland walkthrough done in early 2019.

peter1143519 days ago

I just assume when people post in a thread they have read the posts in that thread. The platforms have always been there. They are just replacing the deck around and behind them.

Goofyernmost19 days ago

You can say, "again" if you want, but I never saw that nor have I ever noticed that platform to be there in that way before. If it was then I guess they are just replacing it. I would have to wonder though, why the thread title was "Frontierland Gets A New Look" if it has always been there?

peter1143519 days ago

Again. These raised platforms are not new. They have been there for decades. Nothing has changed except wood being replaced, one of the platforms becoming slightly smaller, and one tree being temporarily removed.

dreamfinder19 days ago

If they are replanting them, why not do it at the same time? It's not like they have a rather large tree farm/nursery over in the AK area or anything.....

HauntedPirate19 days ago

That’s not remotely close to what is happening here.