Fountain of Nations post refurbishment photo update

Mar 26, 2009 in "Fountain of Nations"

Posted: Thursday March 26, 2009 by WDWMAGIC Staff
The Fountain of Nations at Epcot reopened a few days ago after a 3 month refurbishment. These photos taken since the reopening appear to show what was done during the refurbishment. The lower level of the tiered cascade appears to have been totally replaced (indicated by the different color). None of the visible hardware appears to have been changed, nor have the shows. The main nozzles on the top deck that deliver the signature Epcot fountain that plays in between the shows is also not yet working. The shows are playing, but without those central nozzles. The show looks strange with so much of the fountain missing, but at least it's back, and looks much better than the large walled off area. We assume that the Founain is tbeing worked on after hours to get the show back to 100%.