Flights of Wonder at Disney's Animal Kingdom closing for refurbishment

Jan 15, 2016 in "Flights of Wonder"

Posted: Friday January 15, 2016 9:51am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Flights of Wonder at Disney's Animal Kingdom will be closing for a refurbishment later this month.

The refurbishment begins on January 25, and is expected to last through to March 17, reopening to guests on March 18 2016.

During the closure, a permanent roof structure will  be added over the audience seating area.

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Disney-TrainsAug 10, 2017

See above... Sprinklers were installed in the roof. The tarps, as they were, would block the sprinklers. Im sure a new design could be created that is better than what we have now, but that is apparently not in the budget.

cjkeatingAug 10, 2017

Any idea why?

Disney-TrainsAug 10, 2017

What they were going for... Was adding a sprinkler system to the roof. (They also added them to the outdoor monorail stations, along with the new emergency exit stairs). I agree it looks bad, and it also makes the show sound worse as all that fabric used to absorb sound realy nice. It's much harder to hear the show dialouge now.

RiderAug 10, 2017

Unchanged from the pictures from a year ago. Tarps and blankets are not coming back.

ABQAug 10, 2017

I guess we need to ask if @WDWtraveler can pass by the attraction and show us how it looks these days.

No NameAug 10, 2017

It may be technically finished, but is it really finished? Does it still have the bare roof walls, exposed steel framework, etc.? Honestly. I am incredibly confused what they were going for here. The old theater had nice blankets covering the exterior roof walls and a nice sheet overhang instead of open steel framework. It was unique, looked much nicer, and fit Asia. It's really not hard to see the downgrade. Here are some "before" pictures. Blankets covering the roofs (ignore the scaffolding): And the giant sheet overhang:

John park hopperAug 10, 2017

Was there in May of this year saw the show twice no indication it was closing.

LukeS7Aug 10, 2017

1. This thread was from 2016 2. I went in January of this year, the theater was open and we saw the show, so yes it's done

wdriveAug 10, 2017

Any update to this? Surely is has to be finished by now?

halltdApr 30, 2017

I don't know that this is still being worked on. I saw a show in the theater recently and there were no signs of construction.

Magicart87Apr 29, 2017

I wonder if they'll rename this attraction so as not to confuse park guests looking for Avatar FoP?

wdriveApr 29, 2017

Any updates as to what is happening to the exterior of the theater? Still doesn't look finished.

Cmdr_CrimsonSep 18, 2016

They have been working on this since the End of January...9 months...9!

cjkeatingSep 17, 2016

I literally have no idea what they are doing with this.