Finding Nemo - The Musical details emerging

Jan 27, 2006 in "Finding Nemo - The Musical"

As speculated since May last year, a few more details are emerging regarding the replacement show for Tarzan Rocks! at the Theater in the Wild, in the Animal Kingdom. Remember, none of this is officially announced, and as always may be subject to changes.

  • The existing Theater in the Wild will be modified to be totally enclosed. This is essential for the lighting effects in the new show, and also to eliminate noise pollution from the show disturbing the theme of the nearby Expedition Everest.
  • The new Finding Nemo Musical show will be a blacklight UV based show, very similar to Voyage of the Little Mermaid at the Disney-MGM Studios, and Animagique at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris. This new show however, is said to be on a much larger scale than Voyage of the Little Mermaid.
  • Musical scenes will revolve around the main scenes from the movie.
  • Live actors will perform using puppets and other animated props.
  • The show is set to open around November 2006.
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