PHOTOS - Take a tour of Big Top Souvenirs from this morning's grand opening

Sep 30, 2012 in "Fantasyland"

The Magic Kingdom's newest merchandise location opened this morning at Storybook Circus in the new Fantasyland.

Not only does Big Souvenirs look great inside, it offers a great array of gifts, and an amazing on-stage kitchen producing all kinds of baked goods and treats. Look for exclusive cupcakes, including the cotton candy cupcake, the caramel corn cupcake, and the special Dumbo cupcake.

You can find everything in Big Top Souvenirs, from T-Shirts, plush Dumbos, the fab five, to iPhone cases, holiday ornaments, hats with embroidery service, toys, books, and much more. It feels like a combined and condensedversion of the Emporium and Main Street Confectionary. 

Throughout the building are lots of great details, with everything having a high quality look and feel. It is also really well laid out, with the circular building having the on-stage kitchen in the center, with the merchandise surrounding it, and registers at the edges. It is spacious to walk around, and is a pleasant place to be to escape the crowds outside for a while.

As with everything in the new Fantasyland that has been revealed so far, it is a step up from what was there before, and is a great addition to the park. Head to the photos below for a look around!
Article Posted: Sep 30, 2012 / 10:00am EDT