PHOTOS - A look at the second Dumbo and how FASTPASS will work in July

Jun 21, 2012 in "Fantasyland"

The walls came down this past weekend on the second Dumbo in the new Storybook Circus in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland.  Dumbo is still undergoing test flights, so is not yet open to guests, but is expected to be completed very soon.  Currently, guests are using the indoor queue area, and passing through to the 1st Dumbo which opened a few months ago.

We understand that once the second Dumbo opens in July, FASTPASS will be enabled for Dumbo, with tickets being dispensed at the entrance to Mickey's Philharmagic.  Dumbo 1 will be for standby guests, and Dumbo 2 will be for FASTPASS guests. FASTPASS for Dumbo is expected to ultimately be part of the NextGen Experience, meaning that traditional ticket machines have not been built as part of the new Dumbo, hence the need to use existing machines at Philharmagic until NextGen FASTPASS is rolled out.

Head to the photos below for a look at the second Dumbo.  Also note that more landscaping has been installed between the Speedway and the side of Dumbo. 
Article Posted: Jun 21, 2012 / 11:10am EDT