Disney announce the first atmosphere entertainment for new Fantasyland - 'The Royal Majesty Makers'

Nov 15, 2012 in "Fantasyland"

With just a few days to go before the start of the official previews for New Fantasyland on November 19 2012, Disney has announced one of the new acts that will perform as atmosphere entertainment.

From the Official Disney Parks Blog

The Royal Majesty Makers engage boys and girls in random acts of “royaldom,” endowing them with the skills to become princes and princesses. These royal consultants, official ambassadors of Cinderella’s court, inspire and delight visiting villagers with magical moments throughout the land.

Led by retired knight Sir Sterling and royal etiquette expert Lady Llewellyn, the Royal Majesty Makers also include squire extraordinaire Tobias and flirtatious lady-in-waiting Bridget. They may be found in the Castle Courtyard, conducting Knight School, delivering invitations to a royal ball, leading royal dances or even playing a game of “Sir Sterling Says.”

“With the opening of New Fantasyland, we’re excited to introduce several new atmosphere groups that will become part of the storytelling experience you’ll find there,” said Creative Director Reed Jones. “They’re going to bring the neighborhoods of the land to life in really fun ways.”
Article Posted: Nov 15, 2012 / 11:10am EST