Remember that flying dragon that was spotted at an airfield - could it be New Fantasyland related?

Nov 14, 2012 in "Fantasyland"

Remember those photos from early summer this year where a flying dragon was spotted being test flown at an airfield in Bakersfield? At that time there was a suspicion that this may have been related to the AVATAR project. Today however, Disney has started putting out dragon teasers on the Official Disney Parks Blog and even created a dedicated Tumblr blog at  Most interestingly, the first post on Tumblr makes reference to dragons and new Fantasyland.

"Something strange has been going on recently in the Magic Kingdom. More specifically, in the section they’re referring to as ‘New Fantasyland’. And it’s not just my imagination. There are stories going around. Strange sightings. Weird noises. And flames!

Hi, I’m Gary. I started this blog to chronicle everything I love about dragons and share what I find out about the mysterious happenings at New Fantasyland, so thanks for following. I’m hoping that together we can figure it out"

The Tumblr also includes a short video of the dragon. What do you think? Join in the discussion.

Article Posted: Nov 14, 2012 / 2:30pm EST