PHOTOS - Stunningly detailed new Fantasyland restroom area opens in the Magic Kingdom

Mar 08, 2013 in "Fantasyland"

Posted: Friday March 8, 2013 9:37am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff
The new restroom area in Fantasyland is now open.

Replacing the former Fantasyland Skyway station, the new area takes its theme from the movie 'Tangled,' and brings a level of detail comparable to a major attraction. Featuring outdoor seating, electrical recharge stations, stroller parking, water features, and it's own musical score, the area takes restrooms to a whole new level. The theming isn't just restricted to the exterior either, inside the restrooms are some great details, and on a more functional note, there are automated power towel dispensers and Dyson Air Blade dryers.

The new area greatly opens up the walkway through the Peter Pan and Small World section of Fantasyland, and provides additional walkway space directly through to the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square.

We've got a full photo walk-through below, so start clicking to see for yourself. Also check out our video walk-through.