PHOTOS - New construction walls around Seven Dwarf's Mine Train give a peek inside, TV crews aplenty, and another walkway opens up

Dec 06, 2012 in "Fantasyland"

It is grand opening day of the New Fantasyland, and we thought we would give you a quick look around the land during its first few hours of being "officially" open.

Being the grand opening, TV crews are everywhere, from local Orlando news stations to crews from South America and the UK. Besides the huge media presence, there have also been a couple of noteworthy changes to the New Fantasyland. First, there are new construction walls around the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Along with being much better looking than their predecessors, the new walls feature new artwork, and some "sneak peek" windows allowing guests a look in at the construction. Also new is the now open walkway between Storybook Circus and the Enchanted Forest. This means you can access the Little Mermaid area from Storybook Circus, rather than having to walk all the way through the Enchanted Forest from the castle courtyard.

Head to the photos below for a look around.
Article Posted: Dec 06, 2012 / 2:51pm EST