Construction site

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Wide view of Storybook Circus to the right, Little Mermaid in the center, and Belle's Village to the far right.  The pit in the foreground is or the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train
Note how deep the Mine Train coaster pit is by the depth of the retaining wall at the rear
Another angle looking at the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train area
Construction site
Beast's Castle and Belle's Village to the left
Be Our Guest restaurant at Beast's Castle, and the cottage to the left.
Construction site
These large trees are being planted as part of the Fantasy Forest landscaping
The first group of trees being added to Fantasy Forest
The former tents of Toontown Fair are stripped to the bare metal
The new train station in Storybook Circus
Construction site
Color is now being applied to Eric's Castle on the Little Mermaid building
Close-up look a the rock work on the Little Mermaid building
Construction site
A wide view of the Little Mermaid building
Some more great color work being added to the Mermaid facade
Construction site
More details being added to the cottage
Construction site
Close-up look at some of the rock-work around Beast's Castle
Construction site
A close-up look at the castle
Beast's Castle with the snow capped mountains

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