Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World drops to one show per night starting in April

Mar 30, 2023 in "Fantasmic!"

Fantasmic! reopening night show - November 4 2022
Posted: Thursday March 30, 2023 9:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World will drop to one performance per night beginning late April through the end of May 2023.

According to the latest operating hours calendar, Fantasmic! will be performed once per night at 9pm starting Sunday, April 23, 2023.

Additional shows are not expected to be added during this quieter period between spring break and the start of summer.

Fantasmic! made its return to Disney's Hollywood Studios with huge crowds in November 2021 after a multi-year closure.

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jrhwdw6 days ago

HEA doesn't have any either.

gerarar6 days ago

Post show announcements have returned to F! It was last seen/heard years ago up until the park closures, but didn't return when the show returned last November. This new announcement uses the same female voice from the current preshow announcements and also has a slightly different script (italicized and underlined below) than the last iteration from 2020. We hoped you enjoyed Fantasmic! Please exit at the rear of the amphitheater, and for everyone's safety, do not walk on top of or climb over the benches. Thank you for your cooperation and have a wonderful evening. New (from last night): Old (March 2020): One other difference is that in previous years/iterations, the announcements were repeated in other languages like Spanish, but currently are not.

MagicHappens197110 days ago

Based on no insider information, I would say that this is 99.5% not happening.

gerarar10 days ago

Absolutely agree, just surprised they came up with this piece out of nowhere lol. Usually their "news" comes from stuff actually happening (eg ride goes down for refurbishment turns into guests wont be able to ride this ride anymore!!), then exaggerating it to the max.

Starship82410 days ago

Anything from inside the tragic should be discounted immediately

Touchdown10 days ago

Let me go on record again as not caring, mermaids have no race, because they aren’t real. What color Ariel’s skin is on her top half is not integral to the story, where’s the outrage that her tail is more aqua with purple highlights? That changed colors from the animated movie too and is half her body. Its distracts from the more worthwhile discussions about the movie, mainly the reason why it even exists, and the choice in character design for flounder and Sebastian which are literally horrific. I’m just glad that this time they hired a person who can sing to play one of Howard Ashman’s Princesses.

gerarar10 days ago

While it's pure speculation (and clickbait) from ITM, it remains a possibility. Doubt there's any merit or chance of it happening though. We’re talking about Disney Princess Ariel from the Walt Disney animated classic The Little Mermaid (1989), who reportedly is the highest-paid Disney character in the nighttime spectacular Fantasmic! ... While Disney has not announced any official plans to invite Halle Bailey’s version of Ariel into the upcoming Fantasmic! performances, thinking that the live-action Princess could appear during the nighttime spectacular is not farfetched, especially considering that new characters like Moana and Mirabel have already been included in the show. However, as of this article’s publishing, this remains purely speculative.

gerarar18 days ago

Bioreconstruct capture an aerial during F!'s refurbishment earlier this month.

Touchdown19 days ago

Fireworks can go off at twilight without too much lost but excess light will ruin the magic of early scenes in F! (Like the jungle scene.)

gerarar19 days ago

Hopefully Epcot Forever doesn't change times either, as that is currently scheduled at the same time as F! (when it's a one showing night). It kinda ruins the mood and distracting when you hear/see EF going on in the background imo.

SaucyBoy19 days ago

YES!! I fly in early evening of the 26th and had planned to book it over to DHS to see Fantasmic. Now I don't have to worry about rushing from MCO to SSR and over to DHS.

Touchdown19 days ago

Sunset. We’re getting close to the solstice.

imagineer9719 days ago

What's the reason for the 15 minute shift?

DCBaker19 days ago

An additional 10:30pm performance of Fantasmic! has been added May 26 through May 29. Beginning June 14, the 9pm performance of Fantasmic! shifts to 9:15pm.