Construction permits filed for live show venues at Disney's Hollywood including Fantasmic!

Feb 18, 2021 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Thursday February 18, 2021 4:17pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed a number of permits in the last couple of days relating to live show areas at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Specifically, three permits have been filed for Fantasmic!, including for the performance island itself and backstage areas. (Thanks to @danlb_2000) on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permits.)

Elsewhere at the Studios, permits have been filed for work at the Theater of the Stars, and at the EPIC Stunt Show theater. Each of the permits is assigned to Buena Vista Construction Company, which typically handles small routine maintenance work. So while these permits do not suggest any significant work, it may mean smaller changes are being made to the areas to allow the shows to resume in some format.

All major live shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios have been on hold since the park reopening from the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020. Keeping performers physically distanced backstage has been a significant issue for many shows, as well as issues with moving large numbers of guests in and out of the theaters.

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jrhwdw13 days ago

You would think Harm would be test heavy. Maybe we're not close enough yet? IF MK somehow Miraculously returns HEA before the 50th IDK how much testing needs to be done It's too early for the 50th Tag if we're seeing HEA before the 50th.......We need a Miracle, I know!

mnelson313 days ago

Sounds like things are, were, maybe still are in motion. We will know about pyro shows once testing begins. Epcot hasn’t tested since about 2 months ago. MK has recently tested the castle moat lights.

jrhwdw13 days ago

Don't forget OUAT was the replacement for CTM. Don't get me wrong, they were nice shows but, I do wonder if Magic, Memories And You/Celebrate The Magic really kept guests in MK of if MSEP/Wishes did all the work? You want people to stay/look forward to OUAT? Give it TDL's OUAT Pyro Package! That'll make an impression! I'ver saying that since MK opened the watered down (compared to TDL) OUAT! Kind of weird this thread is still ongoing since it was supposed to be a COVID safe F! coming Feb and here we are, May 3rd and we still don't have any good night news! Not even good rumors! Like that MRFF might come back this summer! Is that the only thing to look forward too after FOTLK?

Crazydisneyfanluke13 days ago

It was better than nothing. Usually, majority of people caught the first OUAT, Fireworks then leave. 2nd parade showing was dead unless you where near the hub/Main. People caught that then left.

HauntedMansionFLA13 days ago

Did you mean February 2022?😂

mnelson314 days ago

I wonder if OUAT was more effective at keeping guests in the park than MSEP? I do remember Frontierland was usually completely dead for the second MSEP.

Squishy14 days ago

OUAT was a attempt to keep people in the park instead of everyone exiting after the fireworks

mnelson314 days ago

I say cut MiSi and especially Once Upon a Time. OUAT seems unnecessary, but maybe there’s a reason for it? other than taking up MSEPs time slot.

Disney Maddux14 days ago

So FoF can take up that slot, then when MISI returns it all returns to the normal schedule.

MansionButler8414 days ago

Used to...

MansionButler8414 days ago

It’s very rough on park ops having so much late in the day. It is one of the things that made removing a nighttime parade an easy sell. Park ops vastly preferred just the fireworks.

Disney Maddux14 days ago

You got MISI at 5:45.

mnelson314 days ago

I wonder what the plans are for FoF? I’ve been thinking, if Disney wanted to, this would be the perfect opportunity to do away with the “3:00 Parade” and move to a early evening time slot. I would think this would be easier on the performers as well not having to deal with the blazing sun and heat.

tcool12319 days ago

I hope that next is A Taste of Beauty and the Beast at Studios will open more capacity for the park and help with lines. I suppose the only question is where to run the Rock'n'Rollercoaster queue through if the show does come back. Also seems like Hoop-Dee-Doo is coming back sooner rather than later as well, good sign for entertainment!