Construction permits filed for live show venues at Disney's Hollywood including Fantasmic!

13 days ago in "Fantasmic!"

Disney has filed a number of permits in the last couple of days relating to live show areas at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Specifically, three permits have been filed for Fantasmic!, including for the performance island itself and backstage areas. (Thanks to @danlb_2000) on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permits.)

Elsewhere at the Studios, permits have been filed for work at the Theater of the Stars, and at the EPIC Stunt Show theater. Each of the permits is assigned to Buena Vista Construction Company, which typically handles small routine maintenance work. So while these permits do not suggest any significant work, it may mean smaller changes are being made to the areas to allow the shows to resume in some format.

All major live shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios have been on hold since the park reopening from the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020. Keeping performers physically distanced backstage has been a significant issue for many shows, as well as issues with moving large numbers of guests in and out of the theaters.

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Article Posted: Feb 18, 2021 / 4:17pm ET
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marni19713 days ago

Best bring some buckets of water.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

People should hang around Sunset Blvd. tonight for a surprise soft opening.

Touchdown3 days ago

At midnight tonight we can retire this thread.

DCBaker3 days ago

Touchdown5 days ago

Of 2025

MisterPenguin5 days ago

I heard by February.

znolan5 days ago

Don’t get me wrong! I love the stories and the friendship chatter! But when I see that there are new comments on this thread and it’s not saying, “Disney came out and said (insert date here) Fantasmic returns!” My heart hurts lol. You guys are awesome!

marni19715 days ago

Fall of the 64th :) @Touchdown park was open to midnight. The DEP was at 840 and 1045. Halloween Screams at 930 and Fant was at 9 and 1030. Incredible.

Touchdown5 days ago

Were you there during the 60th summer? That was fun times 8:30 PTN 9:30 Disneyland Forever 10:00 World of Color Celebrate 10:30 Fantasmic! I would get a spot on MSUSA near Town Square, watch the parade, move to the street watch the fireworks, speed walk to DCA, watch WOC, and then head back to DL getting to NOS just in time for the Peter Pan segment. The only time I’ve come close to a night show blitz like that at WDW was in Dec of I think 2016. Did Fantasmic!, Candlelight and Illuminations, and with the help of the monorail, OUAT all in one night. Only time I’ve done more then 2 shows at WDW in one night.

marni19715 days ago

We blitzed the show over one weekend. Between 2 shows a night, Halloween Screams and that parade plus park hours I’d forgotten existed in the States it was a crazy time. But it meant I did manage this: as you can see it was lots of fun: And in the spirit of the discussion, for direct comparison:

homerdance5 days ago

Lucky you! This is what "reserved" or FP+ reservations should get you at the shows. Having to arrive just as early to ensure you get a good seat with the FP+ or even the package deals was always frustrating to me. Apparently I was taking the wrong approach.

Touchdown5 days ago

That’s not a bad plan too, I also really like getting lucky with timing and catching the sweeper train as well. But I close theme parks most of the time. Weather it’s catching the Goodnight Kiss at MK, walking back under the Eiffel Tower after getting some night rides on the Beast, sending the Magnum XL 200 to bed with a mini marathon or getting the last ride of the night on the Lockness Monster or Sooperdooperlooper I usually have a closing routine at my regular parks.

TrainChasers5 days ago

It’s not something I can explain, but there’s something truly magical about staying at Disneyland till closing. It’s not something I’ve felt at any other Disney park. I loved closing the night at fantasyland with Casey Jr. and all of the dark rides and then exiting through the castle.

Touchdown5 days ago

Followed of course by rides on BTMRR, HM, and usually one more ride (Indy, Splash or MFSR.)