Pop Secret Popcorn to sponsor Fantasmic! as part of new strategic alliance with Diamond Foods Inc

Sep 16, 2015 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Wednesday September 16, 2015 10:08am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has entered into a long-term alliance with Diamond Foods Inc to make Pop Secret Popcorn the official popcorn of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

As part of the relationship, the Pop Secret brand will also become the title sponsor of Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and a sponsor of movie nights held at Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

"We have been looking for an alliance that is in-line with our core brand values and we couldn't be more delighted to announce this relationship with Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort," said Burke Raine, Vice President of Marketing, Snacks, at Diamond. "Pop Secret popcorn and Disney both have deep associations with movies and encourage lasting memories shaped by fun family activities."

The agreement will also see Disney begin selling freshly popped Pop Secret popcorn at carts throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

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Fairy32Jan 06, 2016

Reading this thread makes me want popcorn now.

FantasmicguyJan 04, 2016

Fantasmic is starting to look a whole lot better. I would hate to see this attraction leave so I hope these new tweeks will help it stay longer. Maybe a complete overhaul while keeping the same plot points in this attractions future during change to new DHS? Maybe Chernabog replacing Maleificent? Or a frozen scene added? The witch doctor? A new boat? I just hope the future is bright for this family favorite!

brihowJan 03, 2016

Anyone have before and after pics of this? I'd love to see the difference.

YodaManJan 03, 2016

Maybe I should have started a new thread rather than post this here, but what the hey. Not a huge update, but the dragon's wings were entirely redone and update about two weeks ago. The neck and head are still the same, but similar to the HD and lighting updates a few months back, this update is also 1000% better

brb1006Sep 18, 2015

The Swedish Chef version always made me hungry for Popcorn. Am I the only person who gets like this?

Next Big ThingSep 18, 2015

As would I tbh, if only for Mountain Dew.

Andrew CSep 18, 2015

I would like Pepsi....just saying... :)

Andrew CSep 18, 2015

I just really want to know if Orville was still even the official popcorn in general before this Pop Secret announcement was made. Or if they ditched Orville some time ago.

markmetlSep 18, 2015

Not finding ANY fresh popcorn at the Magic Kingdom today.

Next Big ThingSep 18, 2015

Just shows you people how bad some people want to make a fuss about "sponsorships" when they don't even realize that one was already in place. The Churro's are branded too. Coke is probably the most heavily advertised "brand" in the entire resort, yet you don't hear anyone complain about that. As a matter of fact, people would probably complain if Coca-Cola took away their free soda at Epcot (ironically)...

Disneyhead'71Sep 18, 2015

Ok, you got me there.

NowIncSep 18, 2015

And I will bet no one will taste the difference (some will think they do just because they see a different name). Major movie theater chains use Pop Secret, some use Orville...but in the end...its a kernel. The use of coconut oil is a constant as well (used because its a louder pop....seriously)..the blending of that oil and whatever seasonings (butter..salt..etc) they use is what gives the flavor. As long as that isn't changed...then there is no reason to panic.

SpaceMountain75Sep 18, 2015

I have tried and failed to get worked up over this. Someone quick post about Iger or the Hat so I can stop this nonsense!

Andrew CSep 18, 2015

Who sponsored Fantasmic before Pop Secret just took over?