More Fantasmic! performances added over the holiday period at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Fantasmic! reopening night show - November 4 2022
Posted: Friday November 11, 2022 5:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In the latest Walt Disney World calendar update, more performances of Fantasmic! have been added during the busy holiday weeks at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The current Fantasmic! performance schedule at Disney's Hollywood Studios is as follows:

  • November 11 though  November 13 2022 - 8pm
  • November 14 - 8pm and 9:30pm
  • November 15 through November 16 2022 -  8pm
  • November 17 through December 3 2022 - 7:30pm and 9pm
  • December 4 2022 - 8pm
  • December 5 through December 25 2022 - 7:30pm and 9pm
  • December 26 through January 7 2022 - 8pm and 9:30pm
  • January 8 through January 10 2023 - 8pm

Fantasmic! will be the only major nighttime entertainment at Disney's Hollywood Studios this holiday season, with Disney choosing not to show the holiday firework show Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam!

Fantasmic! remains standby line only and is not currently available via the Lightning Lane.

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gerarar1 day ago

First show (12/4 7:30pm): No flower pyro. Green flames when Malificient rises returned tonight after a day of downtime. Dragon B-mode fire breath. Steamboat pyro pinwheels were perfect. No pinwheels on barges (10 days and counting). Dragon was stuck through steamboat finale. Fixed before Sorceror Mickey appeared. Light towers didn't turn on when Tuxedo Mickey disappeared before the final loud pyro flash. Full show tonight. Second show (12/4 9pm): No flower pyro. Snake eyes glitched out. Dragon B-mode fire breath. Steamboat pyro pinwheels half didn't spin. No barge pinwheels. Two sections on left and right side were empty at show start. Steady stream of guests were still being loaded through right-side exit up to hero segment. Eventually the two empty sections on right side were filled. Side note, kinda sad how Wonderful World of Animation has its complete pyro package and Fantasmic! doesn't. I also noticed some newer pyro on WWoA, so there's that...

gerarar1 day ago

First show (12/3 7:30pm): No livestream available. Second show (12/3 9pm): No flower pyro. No green flames when Malificient rises. Dragon B-mode fire breath. Steamboat pyro pinwheels spun but one. No pinwheels on barges (9 days and counting). Two leftmost sections empty Middle two sections reserved for dining packages.

gerarar2 days ago

No problem! I just wish there were more livestreams at HS during the week, it's getting rare to see one nowadays..

Movielover3 days ago

Doing the Lord's work as always, thanks for the updates!

gerarar3 days ago

First show (12/2 7:30pm): Still no pyro before flower segment. I fear this is now a permanent cut.. Dragon B-mode fire breath. Steamboat pyro pinwheels were a hit and miss. Still no pyro pinwheels on water barges. Been missing for about a a week+. Full show, middle two sections reserved for dining packages. Second show (12/2 9pm): No flower pyro. Snake headlights glitched out. No green flames when Malificient rises on her lift. Dragon B-mode fire breath. Steamboat pyro pinwheels hit and miss. No pinwheels on barges. Leftmost section was still being filled as the show started on time. Middle two sections reserved for dining packages.

JoeCamel6 days ago

She has a tail and he has huge feet, of course she is.....

ToTBellHop6 days ago

I am legit angry at Ariel. That was some straight-up BS last night. I know for a fact that the girl does a faster 200m butterfly than Michael Phelps.

jrhwdw6 days ago

Interesting Finale for sure!!!!!! Although, DHS may get a point for not canceling the show at the start of the Finale?

MisterPenguin6 days ago

They need to get CMs that know how to swim!!

gerarar6 days ago

Fantasmic had a big technical mishap last night! The steamboat didn't come out AND no characters came out on stage. Usually if they know that the steamboat's down for whatever reason, they prepare for the B-mode finale where all the characters come out on stage to perform the ribbon dance. But that didn't happen last night. My best guess is that all the CMs were already on the steamboat, but the steamboat failed last second and didn't move, hence no characters at all on stage. Instead guests got some pretty lights, fountains, and eventually pyro. Do note that the pinwheels on the barges didn't activate either, so that's another miss for the night. Here's a video from last night's show: The only time I ever saw something similar happen was when the dragon got stuck on stage, and the steamboat was down for refurbishment. It's a rare sight! Found another clip on Twitter. Even the boat lighting got activated, but quickly shut off lol

gerarar7 days ago

Good news! All the laser projections finally returned last night. 2 of the 3 sets (left and right) have been broken since the hurricane closure a couple weeks ago. Now we get all the cool effects on the stage and rockwork again like: Also in the beginning when Mickey first appears, there's more pixie dust from the lasers around the stage making it more complete.

gerarar9 days ago

The first show has been always starting on time, and more recently the second show has also been on time, so I would say they've been improving on operations/loading since reopening. However there haven't been any livestreams the past couple days, when crowds are at their peak due to the holidays, so can't say for sure. I've been noticing for the second show once it's 15 or so mins til scheduled showtime, they only load people through that side exit on the right side, not through the center anymore. So you end up with situations when the left side of the amphitheater completely empty but the right side mostly filled. Example from the other night, 2nd show:

AJT6079 days ago

I’ve been trying to learn more about the backups when loading the theater. I’ve heard multiple reports that the process seems to be taking the cast members longer than it did before the shutdown. Does this process seem to be getting better as the show has been back now for a few weeks? What is causing the inefficiency?

MagicHappens19719 days ago

No DAS or Genie+ right now. For the 7:30/8 show people start lining up around 5:45/6 with them starting to allow guests into the amphitheater around 6:30.