Changes coming to Epcot's musical act line-up

Aug 29, 2017 in "EPCOT"

Disney has today announced both new and returning musical acts coming to Epcot's World Showcase over the next few months.

Suroît – New to Epcot, this renowned band hails from Canada’s Magdalen Islands in eastern Quebec. For four decades, their infectious sound has embraced influences from Cajun, Celtic, bluegrass and rock music. Performing on the Mill Stage at the Canada pavilion, August 31 - October 1 2017.

Margret Almer & The Bavarian Band – World-famous yodeler Margret Almer makes an encore appearance at Epcot this fall. She’ll be performing with The Bavarian Band at the Germany pavilion, beginning August 31 and continuing through the holiday season.

Musique Aramenco – Another returning favorite takes the stage at the Morocco pavilion September 1 - December 30 2017. Musique Aramenco presents a fusion of traditional and modern Moroccan music.

Bodh’aktan – Back by popular demand, Bodh’aktan mixes Quebecois, folk and polka to make fantastic rock and dance music. The popular kilted band is returning for an Epcot encore at the Canada pavilion October 2 - 22.

Raffy – This musical quartet makes their Epcot debut October 23 - November 26 2017 on the Mill Stage. Raffy’s infectious energy has been embraced across Canada through a live tour, appearances on television and radio airplay of their first hit single.

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Article Posted: Aug 29, 2017 / 9:04am EDT
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FigmentForver96Aug 30, 2017

I love the yodeling. Life goals is to raise sheep in Europe and yodel off a mountain daily.

NearTheEarsAug 30, 2017

I'm sure if OK would agree to come back for just a month or two at a time, that would be possible. But they don't seem to do long term contracts anymore. Though since it was a WDW created band (right?) they could probably make that happen. A few of the guys still perform at the parks.

Sonic SunglassesAug 29, 2017

dreamscometrueAug 29, 2017

Having spent all but 3 years of my life here on the east coast of Canada, I am very, very familiar with the type of music that Bodh'aktan and Suroit play, and in fact, familiar with both of those acts as well. I loved Off Kilter very much, but people on these boards often complain of things being stale. So, Epcot entertainment gets switched up.. that's good! I saw Bodh'aktan last October 3 times (so great) and they had a wonderful crowd response. Alberta Bound is always well received, and Suroit is fun too. If you love toe tappin', fiddle based Quebecois/Acadian/Cajun style music, you'll likely enjoy both Bodh'aktan and Suroit. If not, move along. (Bodh'aktan) (Suroit)

castlecake2.0Aug 29, 2017

Although I loved Off Kilter and enjoyed them for many years from my popcorn cart in Canada, Bodh'aktan are AMAZING! They're blend of English and French Canadian music is great, and unlike off kilter, these guys are actually from real Canada! Be sure to check them out!

matt9112Aug 29, 2017

no such thing as drunk enough.

larryzAug 29, 2017

Just in case you can't wait...

HakunamatataAug 29, 2017

Be glad they did not bring back the Canadian tree killers.

trainplane3Aug 29, 2017

Took the words right out of my mouth.

eggAug 29, 2017

I love how they brought Bodh'aktan "back by popular demand" at the Canada pavillion, but no Off Kilter. They like to tease.

SonconatoAug 29, 2017


wdw4life69Aug 29, 2017

Just bring back Off Kilter. There I just fixed Canada... you can thank me later. :)

larryzAug 29, 2017

Nothing says "I'm drunk enough" more than listening to a set by a Bavarian yodeling band...

Kman101Aug 29, 2017

I like the switching up, keeps things fresh.