PHOTOS - Innoventions West demolition continues at EPCOT

Jan 28, 2021 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Innoventions West demolition - January 26 2021

After somewhat of a lull in the new year, demolition work is back underway on the former Innoventions West at EPCOT.

Crews are working throughout the structure preparing for its complete removal to make way for the Moana inspired gardens.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Innoventions demolition work.

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Article Posted: Jan 28, 2021 / 9:18am ET
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Q_Division3 hours ago

This just makes me sad. I didn't understand originally, I don't understand now. How can one group of people somehow make the entrance "more EPCOT" whilst making the bit beyond it "something else" (and a bit of a mess really)? :(

mandstaft13 hours ago

^^^Imagineering may need penicillin to clear this up.

Mac Tonight14 hours ago

I had that once... some Benadryl cleared it right up!

Horizons114 hours ago

They call that the “more Disney” feeling.

Mac Tonight16 hours ago

I just wish "interesting" had a more positive feel to it instead of the opposite.

brb100616 hours ago

The next couple of years is going to be very, very interesting. Especially once HarmonioUS finally opens.

Mac Tonight16 hours ago

and that makes me sadder than anything.

marni197116 hours ago

I’ve given up

Mac Tonight16 hours ago

Not to worry. There will be ample more opportunities once new construction begins ;)

brb100617 hours ago

Only a few more pictures until Martin runs out of repeating "Idiots" once the demolition is complete.

The Empress Lilly23 hours ago

Historically accurate depiction of one of Future World's forebears. I do believe Thag intended to built a cave system here rather than a theme park, but he met his premature end at the hand, well tail, of a stegosaur.

RobWDW19713 days ago

Agree. I wish they were brave enough to just rename the park and move on. It isn't even the EPCOT Walt wanted to build and the "World's Fair" concept that they built instead was incredible, but they have fully moved away from that concept and now we're left with an amusement park with no mission/vision tied to a name that doesn't even make sense anymore. If it wasn't such a recognizable name/logo with Spaceship Earth I think they'd be more willing to change it. Now, it's just a continuing sad reminder of what it once was. And to bastardize the park's beautiful symmetry - both in the removal of the west buildings and now the intentionally obnoxious off center Stargate is just an insult to the original Imagineers who built the previously miraculous park. (Oh, and I forgot to count down to GrandCanyonConcourse's predictable petulant child frownie face....3...2....1....)

castlecake2.03 days ago

I feel like epcot will always be a park that we do not deserve, and the majority of guests will never understand or appreciate.