'Tomorowland' movie sneak peek coming to Epcot in April

Mar 26, 2015 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Thursday March 26, 2015 11:10am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot will be showing a sneak peek of the upcoming "Tomorrowland" movie in April 2015.

The exclusive preview scenes will be shown in the Imagination Pavilion Theater, which is currently home to Captain EO. The preview will also feature special effects that are part of that theater location. “Tomorrowland” opens in theaters on May 22, 2015

Although the preview is only for a limited time, this may signal the end to Captain EO playing at Epcot. EO returned to Epcot in 2010 following the death of Michael Jackson, the star of the movie. It was originally expected to be for a limited time, but has since become a permanent replacement for Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

Disney has not yet made any comment about the future of Captain EO.

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jensenrickApr 29, 2015

I sure hope it doesn't !

docandsixApr 29, 2015

Thank goodness, about dang time, good riddance, so and so forth for time unending, and don't let the door hit hit you on the way out, Captain Eo. Yuck. The LAST thing WDW needs at this point is recycled 3-D movies produced three decades ago passed off as attractions to unwitting first-time visitors and nostalgia-inebriated pixie dusters.

englanddgApr 29, 2015

I know it's only a matter of time, but I'd like EO to come back...at least just through the end of August, so I can see it one last time on my next trip. It's a Nostalgia overload for me, and the kiddo adores it.

JwheeApr 29, 2015

Here's an article about why EO most likely wont return http://goo.gl/lO50Tl

note2001Apr 28, 2015

I feel that way about the entire JII pavilion - it's one of the two places in WDW that Anaheim can really reach out and make the Disney experience felt (the other being DHS) and yet they let the ball drop as though it were made of dung and it's up to Joe Rhode to somehow save that dung ball and turn it into entertainment over in AK. ... sorry, got a bit heavy on the metaphors there. It was fun.

TP2000Apr 28, 2015

I know from experience that the passion remains in Anaheim. This Tomorrowland sneak peek is just one recent, and rather small, example. Next month when all the 60th Anniversary offerings debut in Anaheim there will be bigger examples. But what baffles me is why TDO doesn't fight for some of this stuff. WDI is in Glendale, 45 minutes north of Anaheim, and they could probably care less which theme park they get a contract ($$$) to install an exhibit in. The decision to do this has to come from the site executives in Orlando, Anaheim, Tokyo, etc. The sea of sterile office parks around Lake Buena Vista and Celebration that make WDW decisions seem to be filled with boring cubicle drones, corporate bobble-heads, and vapid marketing majors puking up #propaganda on the Disney Parks Blog. :rolleyes: I just want to go in there and shake their grey cubicle walls and yell "WAKE UP! You guys are doing this wrong!"

BeastlyKingdommeApr 28, 2015

This video is of EO's last days but he goes over the changes have occurred and it sounds like EO has no chance of coming back.

CommunicoreApr 28, 2015

Yea, the mentality is probably like, "Why would these Brazilian tourists be interested in World's Fair and EPCOT? No one will notice if we don't put these exhibits in Orlando! They won't miss anything!"

NMBC1993Apr 28, 2015

Well it is the original after all...let's hope they at least still have some pride. "No, we're totally cool with other theme parks stepping into our territory. We'd rather piggy back off their success"...:banghead:

JediMasterMattApr 28, 2015

If you haven't figured out by now... Disney doesn't care about the product they are serving up in Orlando these days. They have proven in recent history that Anaheim is where the passion remains. Simple truth. Doesn't change the fact that it hurts.

CommunicoreApr 28, 2015

I think it's because Disneyland has the cool factor, but Epcot theme park does not. When it turned into Epcot theme park, there went the WDW advantage over DL.

note2001Apr 27, 2015

The answer, I fear, is all too simple: the folk making the decisions about what parts of the exhibits go where are in CA. They want to keep the cool stuff local, FL is in a different universe to them. I bet they also don't trust the FL parks to keep it all safe.

TomApr 27, 2015

Those are some nice tarps. Very professional and classy.

TP2000Apr 26, 2015

I'm a big World's Fair and EPCOT (and EPCOT Center) buff, and I'm equally baffled at why Disneyland USA gets the lavish EPCOT/World's Fair pre-show treatment, while WDW gets none of it. :confused: This time of year, in the depths of the spring off-season, Disneyland is full of Californians and sundry tourists from the Western States/Provinces and various Pacific Rim countries. None of those demographics would have much of a point of reference for what EPCOT was supposed to be, or know anyone who might have been to the 1964 New York World's Fair. Nor would most of them care. But at WDW you have a built-in demographic of Floridians and East Coasters who would know more about those two concepts, would have family who went to the World's Fair, or might even have personal memories of going to the Fair themselves. How the heck did TDO pass up on WDI's offer to produce this fabulously unique pre-show exhibit perfectly tailored for their WDW visitor demographic?!? And instead it ends up in Anaheim?!? In Anaheim circa 2015, Walt points to EPCOT circa 1966. Except that theme park behind him is a cut-and-paste of Disneyland circa 1965. Sadly, he died six weeks after this film was made in October, 1966. http://mintcrocodile.blogspot.com/ Disneyland also gets the slick post-show exhibit with all the movie props and costumes and production ephemera. It seems to me that the clueless "Disney Parks" executive leadership should have split this embarrassment of riches between the coasts.... Give the fabulous World's Fair/EPCOT pre-show exhibit to WDW where people would appreciate it more, and let Disneyland have the movie prop post-show exhibit. I swear, I'll never understand how the executives make decisions like this, or why TDO doesn't stand up more for its own customers and ask for a serving from the candy buffet that TDA always seems to get. :eek: