Full guide to all the EPCOT 40th anniversary limited time food and drink

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Posted: Friday September 23, 2022 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's 40th celebration will feature special limited-time food and drink including the Liege Waffle at the recently opened Connections Café to the Figment Sponge Cake at Sunshine Seasons, and the Dan Dan Noodles at Nine Dragons Restaurant.

Here is a run-down of everything on offer, along with availability dates.

Connections Café (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

EPCOT 40th Liege Waffle

Choza de Margarita (Available beginning Sept. 30 while supplies last)

40th Fiesta: Celebrate the colors for the anniversary of EPCOT with this frozen margarita in a “MEXICO 40” souvenir cup

Funnel Cake (Available Oct. 1 and 2)

Celebration Funnel Cake with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and 40th candies

Garden House (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

Sake Cocktail Flight featuring Samurai, Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Sunset, and Violet Sake

La Hacienda de San Angel and San Angel Inn (Available beginning Sept. 30 while supplies last)

Flan: Vanilla custard topped with blueberries, whipped cream, and a “MEXICO 40” white chocolate garnish
Clarified Margarita: Tequila, orange liqueur, lemon, and simple syrup in a “MEXICO 40” souvenir cup with glow cube

Nine Dragons Restaurant (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

Dan Dan Noodles: Spicy pork with Sichuan sauce, peanut butter, sesame, shredded cucumber, and green onion

Space 220 Restaurant (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

Crema Catalana: Vanilla cream custard, lemon snow, citrus segments, and spicy ginger crumble

Sunshine Seasons (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3; Mobile order available)

Figment Sponge Cake with honey-lime mousse

Teppan Edo (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

EPCOT 40th Saketini: The saketini was on the menu when the Japan Pavilion first opened. This version combines sake and butterfly pea flower to create the color reminiscent of the night sky of EPCOT

Tokyo Dining (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

EPCOT 40th Kaisen Chirashi Don: Celebration sushi bowl

EPCOT 40th Saketini: The saketini was on the menu when the Japan Pavilion first opened. This version combines sake and butterfly pea flower to create the color reminiscent of the night sky of EPCOT

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helenabear4 hours ago

Looking back, this is why we canceled our Oct 1st weekend this year. Epcot is still Wallcot to me and nothing cool will happen. Saved the points for my dad's stay in March to see my kid march down main st.

VJ5 hours ago

honestly i'm more surprised at the amount of people surprised disney will be doing nothing for the 40th you should have been paying attention on october 1, 2021 when all people got was an opportunity to buy some ExClUsIvE food and merch. isn't disney so gracious?

Cmdr_Crimson13 hours ago

It'll all go down hill when you have a dancing old man encouraging you to come to the park, Plus kicking out any acknowledgment of any Characters of any kind, every section no matter the theming gets overtaken by Takis ads and uproarious top 40 uncensored music...The NEW Disney!!

Casper Gutman17 hours ago

You know what Universal is really, really good at right now that seems like a lost art at Disney? Effectively pandering to fans. There are lots of examples, but to pick the most immediately relevant one, last year HHN fans picked out a single Jack O'Lantern in a vast web of carved pumpkins in a distant corner of the park and made it the subject of memes and endless conversation in fan communities. This year, that pumpkin is the icon of the event, plastered on every kind of merchandise and featured prominently in multiple locations throughout the parks. This is part of a much larger trend of Universal seeming to "play along" with fans. Yes, its crassly commercial, yes, the ultimate goal is merchandise sales, yes, their is something exploitative in corporations coopting fan production - but quite frankly, all of that is baked into the theme park experience at a fundamental level. The trick is to hide the less savory parts of the interaction, to let things be fun, to allow guests to think someone, somewhere in the Comcast corporate labyrinth actually LIKES theme parks in the same way fans do. Disney used to know all this, to be good at the game of profiting from guests while also letting them feel like they were something more then consumers and that someone at Disney actually enjoyed being part of the world's leading theme park company. When you look at what Disney has put forward for the resort's 50th and EPCOT's 40th, you realize that its not simply that Disney doesn't care about pretending to care anymore, its that they fundamentally don't know how - they've lost so much institutional knowledge that they couldn't effectively correct course if they wanted to. Disney no longer understands the basics of how theme parks should relate to guests.

disneylandtour19 hours ago

Yeah, the ones that don't sell in the park. They'll be showing up on ShopDisney on Sunday or Monday.

Cmdr_Crimson20 hours ago

Not if 21st century came twice by 2000..;)

sedati22 hours ago

The identity crisis hit in 1987 when the circus came to Communicore.

monothingie1 day ago

Meanwhile at the Imagination Pavilion....

Jrb19791 day ago

I'm as disappointed in this as I was the 50th. King's Island and Cedar Point got it but the biggest theme park in the world doesn't. It should be about celebrating the history of the park, not how much merch and special food they can sell.

JohnD1 day ago

Assuming I ride out TD 9 (could be Hermine or Ian at this point), I may try some. I have a park reservation scheduled for 9/30, again assuming I don't cancel my trip. I get the point that it's only available for several days. "Limited Time Magic", it's not.

hopemax1 day ago

I think it's all about sales targets now, and the only way for Foods to meet them now is with constant promotional items. It's not like they can suddenly expand restaurant capacity. The vloggers can't influence anyone else, but sales to the vloggers themselves (and everyone who makes reservations for anniversary promos / merch) allow them to hit whatever target they need to hit. But I also wonder if Disney is seeing a shift from meals to snacks. The last two trips, I've been shocked at the availability for restaurants in the week before, and the night before. We made a reservation for 3 people the night before for Sci-Fi and I had a choice of times. I saw times for Beaches & Cream, Oga's Cantina, various character meals. I didn't see Topolino's, Space 220, or at the Castle, but just about everything else, was showing some availability. It may be a sign that guests are price sensitive, just not for tickets and line skips, but the ancillary stuff.

Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

And if you talk to corporate about it and trying to make something big for a park that has been under an identity crisis since the 00's..

Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

Heck DHS and AK got banners for their recent anniversaries let's see if they even do one for this..Unless they are still hammering in the resorts 50th on top of it..

Dan Deesnee1 day ago

Wow, available for a whole 1-3 days. Honestly, why even bother doing this new food? Video bloggers won't be able to influence anyone because by the time people go, it's gone.