Sculpting the Walt Disney statue for Dreamers Point coming soon to EPCOT

Nov 23, 2021 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Tuesday November 23, 2021 10:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney shared some new pictures of EPCOT's Dreamers Point at this past weekend's Destination D23 event at Walt Disney World.

The Walt Disney statue is being hand-sculpted by Imagineer Scott Goddard in a miniature form.

The model will ultimately be scanned and cast into a bronze life-size statue that will form a new entry point into the heart of EPCOT in a place called Dreamers Point.

No word yet on when Dreamers Point will be built, but Disney has said that the EPCOT redevelopment is planned to be completed during 2023.

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networkpro4 hours ago

Let's revisit that in terms of completion. When it opened and for the first few decades, World showcase had lots of empty expansion pads and the central hub area was stuffed full, now it's been flipped. The utopian inter-cultural relationship ideal falls on pretty deaf ears these days.

lazyboy97o5 hours ago

They clearly didn’t have to since the circulation hasn’t been restored but they still broke up the hardscape.


had some fun with photoshop, that fountain would look so good in that foliage.

vikescaper5 hours ago

Weren’t the main circulation corridors in both CommuniCore buildings designed with crowd flow in mind? Once those were eliminated, they had to create the concrete plaza.

FerretAfros5 hours ago

It’s part of their plan to make the park “more Disney,” since obviously a park with a made-up name that has entered the popular lexicon could never stand on its own merits. It needs more branded IP from franchises that are past their prime! With these new benches, whenever somebody somebody stands up and finds their backside covered in residue, this song will start playing from hidden speakers: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the central planter looks like something Georgia O’Keefe would have made. Of all the design choices they made in this redo, it’s one of them.

James Alucobond5 hours ago

I think it will still be clearer overall since Fountain View and the Electric Umbrella patio no longer disrupt traffic around the perimeter, but I guess we'll have to see how it plays out in practice.

tparris5 hours ago

Looks like the west bypass might finally be gone tomorrow.

J45465 hours ago

cant wait to see pics and vids of the nighttime lighting, I see it all changes color with the SSE points of light now. Will probably be pretty amazing in person

Incomudro5 hours ago

Wow! That's a striking contrast.

UNCgolf6 hours ago

I can't imagine anyone wishes the 1990s era giant concrete plaza was still there. That said, I do wonder if crowd flow was part of the reason for the change from the 1980s version to that concrete plaza? I have no idea if it was, but if so, they may have accidentally recreated an old problem.

Disney Analyst6 hours ago

At least Disney has essentially marked the grave of the fountain of nations, so all those who miss it can easily mourn.

DCBaker6 hours ago

World Celebration Gardens and Dreamers Point have been added to the Walt Disney World digital map.

Vegas Disney Fan6 hours ago

What a massive improvement! Absolutely love this. Returning to this would have been equally as nice. I’m just glad the concrete jungle is a thing of the past.

Horizonsfan6 hours ago

Yes, balance is the more accurate term for what people are incorrectly calling symmetry. To that point, the new CC Hall does not get closer to symmetrical. It's getting farther away from it. However, I agree with you that the balance has been broken between the western and eastern halves of the core.