Sculpting the Walt Disney statue for Dreamers Point coming soon to EPCOT

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Posted: Tuesday November 23, 2021 10:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney shared some new pictures of EPCOT's Dreamers Point at this past weekend's Destination D23 event at Walt Disney World.

The Walt Disney statue is being hand-sculpted by Imagineer Scott Goddard in a miniature form.

The model will ultimately be scanned and cast into a bronze life-size statue that will form a new entry point into the heart of EPCOT in a place called Dreamers Point.

No word yet on when Dreamers Point will be built, but Disney has said that the EPCOT redevelopment is planned to be completed during 2023.

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lazyboy97o6 hours ago

The new glazing isn’t even in a pattern with the control joints! Gorgeous!! :inlove:

DCBaker7 hours ago

Haymarket20087 hours ago

This is minutiae, but it looks like World Discovery will have a “sandy” flooring color. The striped section to the left of Guardians seems to act as a transition. Anyone else notice this? I thought the whole park was going to the grey that is found in the entrance plaza.

Epcot82Guy8 hours ago

I see what you're saying. I think the big problem I have is at least Swolphin (and Tower for that matter) are on stage locations themselves. I totally see what you are saying, and they are brash. No questions asked. Aside from having been there longer (desensitized), they aren't back stage buildings. They are places to go, and places I love and associate as WDW locations. The thing I loved about Disney was how hidden those things always seemed. It wasn't perfect at all, but it felt like they always tried (absent things like the Skyway). There is no reason to see this box. I know it's "needed" but it makes this harder to swallow for me. And no amount of blue paint can fix that. I remember when there was an uproar about the unfinished side of Everest, which they then fixed. This just feels very poorly placed and jarring for an attraction that doesn't even fit it's location's story to begin with.

Incomudro9 hours ago

T Those new island nations.

castlecake2.011 hours ago


castlecake2.011 hours ago

The issue I have is from Mexico to China when you looks across the lagoon there is no way you don’t notice the Swalphin, and they do not fit the style of world showcase and I find it jarring. The big blue building for the most part disappears into the sky and is much easier to ignore, and I’d rather it be go away blue than themed to something that takes away attention from SSE. I don’t mind MG architecture, I’m pretty much surrounded by it in Celebration. I just don’t like MG architecture when it’s towering over 1890s France. I also hate the the giant blue soarin hanger behind Canada, that could have been hidden with a built up berm and trees. I think, like mentioned above, Epcot suffers from its vastness and flatness which makes it difficult to hide certain things from different angles.

SoFloMagic12 hours ago

Moana: journey of reclaimed water. A uniquely Florida attraction

TikibirdLand12 hours ago

And, they said the same thing about the Louve in Paris. Maybe Disney was just trying it's own version:

lazyboy97o19 hours ago

Different ceiling and floor-to-floor heights are typical features of buildings. Many multistory buildings have a first floor that is taller than the rest, it’s rather typical.

sedati19 hours ago

Visibly no, excepting the PeopleMover and old Skyway Stations. Everywhere else the second story appears smaller than the first level. The ceiling literally drops as you exit the PeopleMover station.

comics10120 hours ago

In all honesty, I think that’s a really good way of viewing S&D, and I think this description reveals why they are more acceptable in terms of their view from inside EPCOT than is the gravity building. They’re something to look at and are certainly unique and different. Like them? Dislike them?—they’re not just a blue showbuilding plopped in view of guests. The Guardians warehouse however is just that: an un-themed show building. Further, while many (probably most) don’t find the S&D to be particularly attractive buildings, there is a style to them, and I’m sure there are post-modern/Michael Graves fans who find the structures to be appealing. While I’ll probably receive responses from people on these boards saying “Psh I’d take the gravity building over S&D any day,” I find it unlikely that there are architects/fans of architecture that would argue that there is more value in a blue warehouse than in those two hotel buildings. That says a lot about current management and how the WDW property is being run today, and it’s really a shame.

M:SpilotISTC1220 hours ago

Moana: The Journey of Brown Water

lazyboy97o20 hours ago

Tomorrowland has two occupied levels. It is very much “full scale” (even though that is a nonsense term).