New-look Disney Vacation Club kiosk opens in World Discovery at EPCOT

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New-look Disney Vacation Club kiosk in World Discovery at EPCOT
Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2023 12"24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new-look Disney Vacation Club kiosk opened at EPCOT earlier this month, incorporating the latest EPCOT design styling.

The new kiosk is primarily white and red, following the design cues from the World Discovery signage.

The new DVC kiosk joins the recently updated Joffrey's coffee kiosk across the walkway.

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James Alucobond19 hours ago

Not as of yesterday, but they definitely look ready to drop this week. World Nature bathrooms too as the walkways over there were getting washed yesterday.

IMDREW23 hours ago

Are the walls next to Guest Relations down already?

Jambo Dad1 day ago

In other news - Epcot has a new Vacation Club booth format!

Bocabear1 day ago

I agree with that...It would have been better in DHS...but I like that they at least made it feel like a real pavilion in the pre-show... which kind of nods to the original park... If we are going to get rides based on IP, I hope they at least make things relevant to the pavilion...Could the Guardians have had some sort of educational component? Possibly yes and that would have helped.

BlakeW391 day ago

I mean the ride system is fun. I'm not saying it's a bad attraction, but it is wrong for EPCOT and on top of that, like you said the amount light coming from screens make the track and room visible and make the effects less convincing. If they just toned down the screens and maybe painted the track a really dark matte black like you said I think it would be a better attraction. But still a bad decision for the park

Bocabear1 day ago

I would rate it a lot higher...though I think the big effect in the queue could have been a little more thrilling, and I hate that the screens create so much light everything needs to be painted with a super matte black paint and the intensity of the light projections need to be turned down or something, but it is a super fun ride, lots of laughs, and a pure joy... We can pick apart little things, but this was a fun addition...

mysto2 days ago

There is an engineer that actually came up with the concept for Mission Space. His boss took credit for it, and is tapped for "creativity" to this day. We all attribute it to Eisner. Hopefully the guy or girl is getting credit for their current work. No one seems to know who it is, consistent with my theory:

BlakeW392 days ago

yeah and see this is what I mean. I know most of it is the IP mandate but what does modern 'imagineering' have any 'imagination' whatsoever? Both of these ideas would have been much better than Guardians. Almost every single idea someone has come up with on this website is better than literally any of the attractions WDI has built over the course of the last 15 years. I don't know if it's higher level execs watering everything down but man, Guardians is such a bummer in my opinion, all that money spent on an 'eh, it was pretty fun."

MagicWDI2 days ago

I almost don't want to. I don't want to be even more sad about it lol

Poseidon Quest2 days ago

This may sound strange, but I think that it would really work well as a spiritual successor to Adventure Thru Inner Space. Returning to the idea of matter and energy, riders will be shrunken down to the atomic level and will journey through inner space. The star projections could easily become electrons and even the moon that you spin around at the end could be the nucleus of an atom. It's a weird idea, but so is putting Guardians into Epcot.

Mickeynerd172 days ago

Look up the proposed Journeys in Space concept to replace Horizons. Absolute shame it didn't happen.

MagicWDI3 days ago

I wish they made an actual pavilion centered around space with maybe M:S (or something else) in the back. Something similar to The Land and past pavilions. I love space and the space program, and wish we got more than just M:S.

BlakeW393 days ago

I think it's one of the more solid Eisner era replacements......but that's not saying much. The Walt Disney Company.....making stupid short sighted decisions since 1996. (at least)

HauntedPirate3 days ago

While it is something I cannot/do not ride anytime, it is the one replacement that really fit the theme of EPCOT Center. Not that I’ve ever been happy about M:S, mind you.