Possibility of an EPCOT hotel surfaces once again

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The fabled EPCOT hotel has reared its head once again this week with reports from Orlando Real Estate watcher Ken Pozek.

Via a YouTube report, Ken has identified a possible construction project that is in the design phase for "EPCOT Future World Hotel." According to the document on construction.com, the project began in August 2018, and most notably has been updated on February 4 2021. The resource is typically use by construction firms to identify and bid on construction projects, so its appearance here is of note. However, it should be noted that we have not been able to independently verify the authenticity of the document or its accuracy.

According to the report, the valuation of the hotel is put at $50 - $75 million and is in the planning schematics stage. Alongside the hotel, the project type is described as having a swimming pool and miscellaneous recreation.

We've been following the possibility of an EPCOT hotel for many years on the WDWMAGIC Forums, but it reached most prominence in late 2017. At that time, Disney was considering multiple designs ideas and locations, including both World Showcase and Future World, with the latter being favored to move forward.

One Future World proposal saw a hotel being built close to the center of the park near to the former Club Cool, another at the entrance and other plans placed the hotel at the edge of the park.

With the design of World Celebration seemingly confirmed, it would now seem safe to rule out a hotel development in the center of the park. Ken's research places the construction address to be closer to Soarin' on the western side of the park. 

Walt Disney World is already dipping its toes into tightly integrating hotel stays with its theme parks, with the upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. And hotels in very close proximity to the parks have already proven popular at Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Resort in California.

Despite this latest development, the chances of a new hotel being built amid a global pandemic would appear to be low. However, Disney continues to seek new revenue streams, and the prospect of an in-park EPCOT boutique hotel may well fit in with Disney's post-COVID plans for lower attendance, offset with higher spending guests.

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Article Posted: Mar 22, 2021 / 5:28pm ET
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HauntedMansionFLA6 days ago

The festival center top priority for WDW

larryz6 days ago

Then Walt surely would be spinning in his grave/cryo box over Paris' Disneyland Hotel as well as all of Anaheim's Disney-owned hotel properties.

larryz6 days ago

It's coming. Why else open the Northern Exposure? ;)

*Q*6 days ago

Now that I'm all caught up, this has made me hate the Riviera even more.

MisterPenguin7 days ago

Start here... https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/the-epcot-hotel.936260/post-9716986

ChrisFL7 days ago

so why is this thread trending again?

UNCgolf7 days ago

That's even more of a reason to build a Venetian hotel there. It adds to the authenticity.

GimpYancIent7 days ago

Or could decline the value of the area. Many times development ends up degradation.

SteveAZee7 days ago

Ft. Wilderness is a very large area... you could probably put another Magic Kingdom sized park in there, from what I can see. I'm just suggesting that is there are areas 'marginally suitable' that could work for camping, and you have a camping area that could be suitable for theme park and hotel development...

GimpYancIent7 days ago

Would the ground at the potential EPCOT sites be more stable than by MK for a tall structure in a classical venetian style? Yes, the sunken/ in door / outdoor pool ground floor (tall ceiling w painted fresco's) would be most impressive and lend more to EPCOT than the MK area. Just saying if its about being creative, well, be creative.

GimpYancIent7 days ago

Sinking + Venice Hotel = Nah even if the addition of Gondola water taxis to MK w oarsmen singing Oh Solo Mio was made. Oh wait make the ground floor an indoor / outdoor pool in a venetian motif.

nickys7 days ago

I posted elsewhere that one real possibility for that area would be an expansion of FW. Either more cabins, more plots or permanent tents / mobile homes people could rent rather than bring their own.

pdude817 days ago

Instead of using the land right next to Ft. Wilderness they just cleared for a hotel?

Robbiem7 days ago

Relocating fort wilderness is an interesting idea - I could see this happening if the land here is suitable for building