PHOTOS - Communicore West building south of the breezeway now completely removed at Epcot

Jan 22, 2020 in "EPCOT"

Epcot Future World West Demolition and Construction Walls - January 21 2020
Posted: Wednesday January 22, 2020 12:17pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The section of Communicore West south of the breezeway is now completely demolished in Epcot's Future World.

A very unusual sightline now greets guests passing through the Innoventions East breezeway.

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networkpro2 days ago

They are just buildings no longer housing those experiences. Those names are just footnotes of the past.

OvertheHorizon2 days ago

Glad to see that hideous paint scheme going away on communicore/innoventions.

DreamfinderGuy2 days ago

Ironically DCA is about as much California themed anymore as EPCOT is EPCOT themed, so it would work.

Jrb19792 days ago

Might as well change the name to Disneys Florida Adventure. It's not longer the EPCOT I once knew. I honestly hate the amount of IP being put into the park. EPCOT was at its best when Horizons and World of Motion were there. Instead of jamming IP into EPCOT why not go back to the original planned attractions for World Showcase. Nevermind GP only like IP based attractions.

trainplane32 days ago

jt043 days ago

Not a bad idea.

Squishy3 days ago

Name change coming confirmed!

DoleWhipDrea3 days ago

From those that knew him well, friends of Walt have said that he would absolutely hate having statues of himself. Disney as a company knows this but does it anyway. In light of how vastly different Walt’s vision of EPCOT was versus what was originally built (that at least took some of his original ideas and refined it to work in a theme park setting), versus the current direction WDI is taking with the park, it all feels rather phony and ridiculous to me. I don’t want a statue or a wishing tree. I want to dream about how much better we can make the world with the technology and resources we have today and what humanity is close to cracking. EPCOT is supposed to inspire - they’re still with that concept as a park of “possibility.” Butit has to actually mean something.

sedati3 days ago

Walt's EPCOT had a hotel.

jt043 days ago

Not since the millennium. I'm not be sarcastic or dismissive when I say the globe became smaller and also became EPCOT. With mixed results. Eisner was definitely visionary when he recognized the implications to EPCOT of globalization and the internet. It is evolving to try to be relevant in a new era. So in that sense Epcot lives on.

networkpro3 days ago

I would venture that it is not as imagined first by Walt Disney (its objectives were altered before the concept opened in 1982 which was fortuitous based on the results that Celebration achieved... those pesky non-employees won't do what you tell them to do and have ideas of their own what to do with their possessions and lives), fell quickly behind as they couldn't keep up refreshing the attractions with the progress of technology, edutainment became a drag as access to information became ubiquitous, and large scale sponsors had other more effective means of spending their advertising dollars other than a venue with a capped attendance. You cant build an effective chair without legs. Customer demographics, technological advancement, return on investment, customer expectations, these a few of the items that Disney as a company struggles to frame into a park half of which is based on the divination of what's to come.

lazyboy97o3 days ago

DisneyPark Florida 2 at the DisneyPark Resort Orlando.

The_Jobu3 days ago

Now that's deep...

DCLcruiser3 days ago

I will submit that it is. My Leave a Legacy is still present :-p Let's give it all a chance, come on.