PHOTOS - Imagineer Zach Riddley shares some close-up details of the new EPCOT main entrance fountain

Dec 18, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT's new main entrance fountain is up and running, but still behind construction walls as the finishing touches are being applied.

Imagineer Zach Riddley posted a couple of close-ups on Instagram:

EPCOT’s classic geometry and materials - stone, acrylic, metal, water and shadow - continue to inspire our designers as we put the final touches on our main entrance plaza.

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Article Posted: Dec 18, 2020 / 3:45pm ET

raymusiccity10 hours ago

Sure looks familiar! πŸ™‚

trainplane31 day ago

Those are just of attractions. Every WS pavilion has a poster while there's only one WS logo. It just so happens that a decent chunk of them have their own logo.

Surferboy5671 day ago

What have I done? I unleashed these onto the world.

trainplane31 day ago

I doodled the Epcot logo but I found a better filler for that:

marni19711 day ago


MisterPenguin1 day ago

Harmonious is part of World Showcase. World Showcase has an icon.

jrhwdw1 day ago

Well Harm. did have a Poster(Prob. still up) in the Epcot Experience, does that Count for anything?

tirian1 day ago

β€œIf” yep.

mnelson31 day ago

That describes it pretty well lol, except a tv in the shape of a taco, or add tacos to the screen lol.

Bocabear1 day ago

Something like this I think...

trainplane31 day ago

Pick one:

Surferboy5671 day ago

Does HarmonioUS have a pavilion logo? EDIT: Since, it’s not a pavilion I doubt it.

dmw1 day ago

I really like the entrance. It seems so much more open with the tombstones removed.