PHOTOS - A look at the new NextGen RFID turnstiles at all four parks

Dec 18, 2012 in "Epcot"

The new RFID turnstiles opened for guests a few days ago, and today we have a look at all four parks and their new entry areas.

In each park, the new RFID entrances are located to the far right of the main entrances, and are all individually themed to each park. They use the now familiar RFID Mickey head sensor, first seen back in November of 2011 at the original trial for the entrance at Epcot. As we saw previously, the new entrances are arranged with multiple readers, allowing groups to enter together. There is no physical barrier to entry, with just a cast member overseeing the entry procedure. Walking up to the entrance the guest simply touches their RFID enabled Key to the World resort ID to the Mickey head reader, places a finger on the biometric scanner, and waits for the green light giving the all clear to enter. 

This first phase is restricted to guests with RFID enabled tickets, and is not yet available to Annual Pass holders. Over the course of the next few months as more tickets become eligible, more and more of the conventional turnstiles will be replaced with the new system.

To see the new entrances, click on the photos below.
Article Posted: Dec 18, 2012 / 10:14am EST