Work to begin imminently on the new Epcot entrance with portions of Leave a Legacy to close

May 17, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Friday May 17, 2019 3:13pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls will go up around Leave a Legacy this weekend as work begins on the new Epcot entrance design.

New pathways, sweeping green spaces and a newly reimagined fountain will all be part of the new look, and as part of this new entry experience, Leave A Legacy photos will move into a new setting just outside the park’s gateway. While the photos will be staying, the granite columns will not be part of the new display.

Construction taking place in phases, and the new Leave a Legacy will be ready in 2020. Work will first begin on the west side of Leave a Legacy through the summer, moving to the east side later in the year.

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MadTeacup3 hours ago

We're also not in the "Year 3000" quite yet. Just you wait... For the sake of the discussion, I wouldn't exactly consider Change a theme of EPCOT, but more a side effect of the theme. EPCOT's theme word is Discovery. Discovery leads to knowledge-based change. Therefore, I wouldn't exactly count change based on a person's whim as a central part of EPCOT, but change based on knowledge, invention, and innovation are exactly what EPCOT's theme intends to drive guests towards (in its truest, least IP-suffocated form).

SteveAZee7 hours ago

A few more years of global warming should take care of that as well. ;)

dreday37 hours ago

I get it. When I went on Horizons back in the early 80s (9 or 10 yrs old) - I couldn't believe all the stuff that was possible. And now here we are. :) (well, we aren't living underwater yet, but you know what I mean...)

marni19717 hours ago

No disrespect to your father. The “global neighbourhood” always makes me chuckle. And that was 1994.

WondersOfLife7 hours ago

Point being, Epcot was like a gigantic DisneyQuest... It cost Disney much more time and money to keep up with growing technology and changes than they would have liked to keep up with. Same with MGM Studios and the advancement of how films are created nowadays, hence why we get Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land jumping "into" the movies instead of "how" the movies are made. Same thing.

WondersOfLife7 hours ago

I was just quoting my father... You're being a bit too literal there. I'm sure he was talking more about the smaller stuff: He went on and on about how communicating with someone in a different country on a screen in front of you was an amazing idea and unimaginable, and here it is today and it's just, here.

marni19717 hours ago


OvertheHorizon7 hours ago

I completely agree with what WonderOfLife just wrote. I was 36 when Epcot opened and watched its progress from the moment it was announced. My first visit was within six months of opening. I was overwhelmed. It's hard to keep up with the future. We barely had personal computers when Epcot opened and everyone still used a landline. I find amazement in every Disney park, but Epcot will always be special for me.

WondersOfLife7 hours ago

I would definitely argue that Epcot was about change, PLUS the other words you used to describe it. Inspiration leads to change. "Experimental Prototype Community of TOMORROW" "FUTURE World" - The changes and future of technology, living, and earth. Spaceship Earth: (After numerous scenes of how communication has changed over the years) "Today our search for understanding is unbounded by space and time. Vast stores of information, knowledge from everywhere, standing ready at our beck and call to reach us in an instant. With our great network, we harness our knowledge, give it shape and form to serve us, to help create and communicate a better awareness of ourselves, and our world." - The changes and future of communication Horizons: "And I'll tell you something ... if we can dream it, we really can do it. And that's the most exciting part." - Represented by the words you chose, but it also reflects on the future and changes of tomorrow. World of Motion: (After numerous scenes of how transportation has changed over the years) "We have engineered marvels that take us swiftly over land and sea, through the air, and into space itself. And still bolder and better ideas are yet to come." Universe of Energy: "In our ever-changing world, the road to tomorrow's energy is indeed long, complex and challenging." The Living Seas: Ya got me there, I guess. But today it's definitely themed around conservation and the future of keeping the ocean healthy, listen to Crush. Kitchen Kabaret: Encouraging people to change their eating habits and be more healthy in the future. Listen to the Land: Educating people on different environments, while also showing people how farming has changed and evolved overtime, up to modern day. Symbiosis: Focusing on preservation of the earth: "It is in our power to address these issues... ect." Encouraging people to change the issues and ways we affect the environment. I'm just saying... Even my 72 year old dad who visited Epcot on opening day just told me yesterday, "Epcot Center was the most amazing thing... My friends and I would go to Magic Kingdom and immediately want to go back over to Epcot Center. And the problem with it is, all of that advancement of technology is here today, and it's just kind of... There. Everything they predicted, happened. What was spectacular back then is just sort of ho-hum today... So I understand why they're putting the movies and stuff there. It doesn't get outdated as quickly, and it's not quite as boring."

MrPromey1 day ago

Me - closes eyes, imagines a world Bob wouldn't want to live in...

sedati1 day ago

How seamlessly you taco’d the time to remind me of the one post rule, Bob.

Sir_Cliff1 day ago

Personally I prefer the grey concrete with the different design elements to the red. I wish they would take a leaf out of Disneyland's book and replace more of the coloured concrete at Magic Kingdom with something more interesting and detailed.

egg1 day ago

It was related to photography in the 60s and 70s, and obviously both camera technology and aesthetic tastes have changed quite a bit since then, though unfortunately I don’t know much more on it. Perhaps the gray is a bit boring but they‘ve been moving away from reddish concrete for a while now.

marni19711 day ago

We imagined it last time you mentioned it.