Work to begin imminently on the new Epcot entrance with portions of Leave a Legacy to close

May 17, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Friday May 17, 2019 3:13pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls will go up around Leave a Legacy this weekend as work begins on the new Epcot entrance design.

New pathways, sweeping green spaces and a newly reimagined fountain will all be part of the new look, and as part of this new entry experience, Leave A Legacy photos will move into a new setting just outside the park’s gateway. While the photos will be staying, the granite columns will not be part of the new display.

Construction taking place in phases, and the new Leave a Legacy will be ready in 2020. Work will first begin on the west side of Leave a Legacy through the summer, moving to the east side later in the year.

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MisterPenguin8 days ago

tparris22 days ago

The unnamed site put up a photo report showing that the two overhead “Welcome to Epcot” signs by the ticketing booths have been removed and the spots they were hanging from have been patched up and painted. They also finally removed the old transportation signage that was on the ground by the monorail station entrance, and they’re in the process of replacing the pavement and presumably installing new signage in the same place. I’m going to EPCOT next Monday so I’m hoping at least some of the new signage will be there by then. Now that I live in Orlando, I’ll be going to the parks much more often than I used to, so expect at the very least monthly photo reports from me from now on!

HauntedPirate26 days ago

It needs an update but we know what will happen with the parking lot entrance sign - It will have "EPCOT" in their new font with color-changing LED lighting.

zakattack9926 days ago

I think I remember someone saying a while back that it was not long for this world and that the parking structure was going to get updated/replaced. But I believe that information may have even been pre virus so who knows where it stands now.

DznyRktekt26 days ago

And don't forget the pavement patterns.

Bocabear26 days ago

LOL with the current state of EPCOT I would think the Sailboat parking sign will be the last thing to worry about... But you have a good used to visually refer to the communicore tent structure which is now gone... so maybe Zach could do a new "Parking" sign using the new font and then put a huge blue box in back of it to represent the new EPCOT lol...

FigmentFan8226 days ago

since they're demolishing building type structures, how bout that sailboat epcot parking entrance sign? that needs to go

Bocabear26 days ago

so, yeah...the new entrance at EPCOT looks great. I love that they restored it back to it's original aesthetic and the new lighting is fun.

Goofyernmost26 days ago

We all have a tendency to go off topic from time to time, but really a thread about the "new" entrance to Epcot is now debating DHS's Toy Story Lands aesthetics is a bit much. ;):) Yes, I am guilty of that often but I find that I have participated in this one, head first, I am ashamed and vow to always check the thread title before accidentally becoming involved. So, anyway... what does everyone think about the entrance to Epcot. I think it is spectacular. After the entrance is still up for review.

UNCgolf26 days ago

I don't think there are any SDD clones.

Sirwalterraleigh26 days ago

Look at the satellite overhead picture. I doubt they’re putting in a e-ticket on world drive, Buena vista or Osceola parkway.

J454626 days ago

I think they will slowly add some stuff in the coming years but Im an optimist. And I didnt know there were clones of SDD in other parks? Can someone share the locations please?

Sirwalterraleigh26 days ago

The renovations to mgm were clear to me when I saw them they have ZERO intention of adding anything meaningful to them. The road reconstruction and ski lift were the give away - to me. They technically have parking lot space…but not really on the backside. It’s intentionally landlocked now.

Magicart8726 days ago

Since the land can really only support smallish A-B ticket attractions thanks to the landlocked limitations my armchair goes to ideas like a splash pad (R.C. car wash theme) a ridiculously small carousel (clone?) a Barrel of Monkey's Tilt a Whirl, interactive Green Army Men scavenger hunt... and other lame stuff I can't think of at the moment. Could they do anything with the old Chew Chew Train track? I'm not even sure if the oft-requested forum armchair of moving TriceraTop Spin as a Trixie-themed one-off would fit somewhere. It's amazing how much real estate they managed to waste.