PHOTOS - Innoventions West demolition complete at EPCOT

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EPCOT Innoventions West demolition - March 15 2021

The final section of the former Innoventions West has now been removed at EPCOT'S Future World, bringing to an end the majority of the major demolition in the park.

Guests passing underneath Spaceship Earth are now presented with a very different view.

Although all of the vertical sections have been removed, there is still plenty of work left to do on the ground. 

Crews continue to work on the are to prepare it for the upcoming Moana inspired water gardens.

There is no word yet on an opening timeframe for Journey of Water Inspired by Moana, although best estimates put it somewhere in 2022.

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Article Posted: Mar 15, 2021 / 10:29am ET
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RSoxNo12 hours ago

I'm calling it MGM.

Rose&Crown3 hours ago

Ya.....I’ll always call it mousegear.

atighe421 day ago

Id presume they are going to have to move forward with the “plaza”. They’re going to need something to look at with those brand spanking new windows in Creations Shop. My guess is we’ll find out about the new story fountain & Dreamers Point next.

Surferboy5671 day ago

Wonder what more they will announce on World Discovery. We could use more information on the status.

wdwmagic1 day ago

Creations Shop replaces Mouse Gear this summer at EPCOT Club Cool to reopen this summer at EPCOT New threads for each are available at

bcoachable7 days ago

If they aren’t careful, they will not have enough experienced employees-err cast members around to remind them how they got to be the envy of themed entertainment.

CastAStone7 days ago

This is how big companies think. I was in brand management in the food industry for a decade. All the big companies spent years cutting costs, or in other words, making their products taste worse and spending a ton less on advertising. Then they sat on their thumbs wondering why people weren’t buying Golden Grahams anymore. Well it’s because you don’t tell them to, and you made the product bad. How did the companies respond to falling sales? They cut advertising and product quality more and used the savings to buy natural brands, like Kashi and Kind and Annie’s and Odwalla and Bolthouse Farms and Stonyfield and so on, because that’s what was growing. What’s my point? This is how *everyone* in corporate America thinks. Bob Chapek started his career in brand management at Heinz. He’s going to process the situation based on what can I go after, not what can I go back to. IP has been growing for Disney.

lazyboy97o7 days ago

You don’t start ripping out your foundation because you broke some windows and let the roof fall into disrepair.

Mac Tonight8 days ago

It's really apparent that no one with any true decision making power today, understands what made Epcot Center such a joy to experience in the late 80's - early 90's. Though to be fair, they probably inherited that thinking from their bosses who came before them in the late 90's - early 2000's when Epcot had already entered a state of decline.

owlsandcoffee8 days ago

Oh I fully understand WHY they're doing it. EPCOT is failing to bring in people and keep them there. Obviously bad for an amusement park. My problem is with the choices they make. If you go back to EPCOT Center it's easy to see the underlying message and goal. Future changes should be made with that in mind. Instead we have the Energy Pavilion, dedicated to one of the most important social issues on earth, turned into a comic book roller coaster that will probably be paying tribute to how great the old EPCOT was. So they know people like EPCOT Center but don't seem to get that maybe they should be doing more to bring it back.

mandstaft8 days ago

Test Track should have been an addition to WoM, not a replacement.

PSM8 days ago

I probably have a better chance of winning PowerBall, but I always hope to spot myself and my brother when people post 80s and 90s WDW photos. We used to bring those disposable cameras our parents or grandparents would buy us, but apparently we were too young to realize we should actually take photos with ourselves and family in them. "Look at that cool bench! I'll definitely want to have a photo of that decades from now..."

Surfin' Tuna8 days ago

I'm impressed. Sometimes I think it's easy to forget that it still felt and looked like Epcot Center as recently as 1997. It takes some real talent to turn that park into a pile of junk (no insults to junk intended) in less than 25 years.

HauntedPirate8 days ago

Or when designing hulking metallic tacos and a stargate for HEA 2.0 in WSL.