PHOTOS - More glass panels installed along the former Future World east breezeway

Jan 15, 2021 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Central Spine construction - January 15 2021

Construction crews are continuing to enclose the eastern side buildings along the EPCOT central spine.

Large glass panels are being installed today along the former Future World east breezeway. Workers are using a crane and large suction cups to position the panels.

These buildings will eventually become new merchandise and dining space.

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Article Posted: Jan 15, 2021 / 1:22pm ET
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SplashZander11 hours ago

Decided to update this

marni197111 hours ago

It’s okay. Budget cuts took care of it.

trainplane311 hours ago

Uh oh

marni197112 hours ago

If it cost what I’ve seen for the ride budget it’d better be gold plated.

aladdin200713 hours ago

question if your able...did the new lighting package for SE use the rides redo budget? Or would those be two totally separate things?

MisterPenguin14 hours ago

Things not happening (for now... maybe...) The only thing that may be totally scrapped is the Festival building. Right now, Disney's saying that there will be a Festival *area*. We presume grass and booths. There's a rumor that once the parks are back at normal capacity and finances stabilize, they may still make a stab at the proposed 3-tier toadstool building. Mary Poppins is indefinitely delayed. The Wishing Tree's status is unknown. The Spaceship Earth uptheming is indefinitely delayed. And... that's it. Taking @marni1971's timeline and the rest of the projects... Everything else that was mentioned pre-COVID is still coming: [*]Harmonius (could be this year, or next, EF may or may not precede it... all depends on COVID) [*]Cosmic Rewind (delayed to 2022) [*]PLAY! may be delayed to 2022 [*]Ratatouille (likely this March, definitely by May) [*]Creperie (likely this Spring) [*]Hub: [*]Hub "storytelling" fountain (2023) [*]Journey of Water (2023) [*]Dreamer's Point (2023) [*]Festival "area" (2023) [*]New Mouse Gears -- this year [*]New Electric Umbrella -- this year [*]New Club Cool -- this year [*]New Starbucks- - this year [/LIST] [*]new movie in China: Wondrous China (TBD) [*]updated Impressions de France movie (TBD) [*]PLAY! may be delayed to 2023 [*]Space 220 -- "soon" [*]Bonus Gelato Stand -- "soon" [/LIST] Part of the EPCOT 'transformation' and done: [*]New Entrance [*]New Entrance Fountain [*]New space for Leave a Legacy [/LIST] [*]New movies [*]Canada [*]the Land [*]France's singalong [/LIST] [*]Regal Eagle BBQ [/LIST]

UNCgolf14 hours ago

I'm pretty sure people were reporting Poppins was potentially cancelled well before the Splash Mountain retheme was announced. It sounded like they could never decide on what they actually wanted to build there.

HauntedPirate14 hours ago

Another misguided use of funds. New add/Poppins >>>> any retheming.

Brer Panther14 hours ago

Mary Poppins apparently got the axe to fund the Splash Mountain retheme.

marni197116 hours ago

trainplane317 hours ago

BasiltheBatLord17 hours ago

Trying to make sure I understand everything still left at Epcot. Can someone confirm all of this for me? I looked through the project tracker but there's a lot of info in there so just want to make sure I'm clear on all of this. New entrance (what's left to be completed here?) Future World changes (when will this all be done?) Ratatouille (this year) Space 220 (this year) Harmonious (this year?) PLAY Pavillion (this year?) Wondrous China (this year?) Cosmic Rewind (2022) Impressions de France update (2022?) SSE Refurb (delayed indefinitely?) Mary Poppins attraction (cancelled?)

Bocabear18 hours ago

I think it is all probably directive from the top... Open vacant fields are not "More Disney" A Moana Splash Zone does NOT belong at the main entrance the EPCOT It would be the first thing you see after passing Spaceship Earth. (Dreamers Point, whatever that is, is further into the center of the hub)...and then acres of vacant land to the lake. If they have a plan, you would think they would show their hand, because most of their loyal fans who spend thousands every year are completely disappointed with their plans and distressed at the destruction of a beloved park...

OceanBlue19 hours ago

The removal of the building opens the siteline of Spaceship Earth and base, not sure where these images were taken from, but that seems interesting. Where can I find renderings of the new water features? Will they also have a more open feel and view?