PHOTOS - Construction walls throughout Epcot's Future World

Sep 12, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Epcot Future World Construction Walls - September 2019
Posted: Thursday September 12, 2019 9:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Future World is full of construction walls as early work begins to transform the land into the new "Worlds."

At the main entrance, the majority of the area is walled off for removal of Leave a Legacy and to begin work on the new main entrance plaza.

Walls line the edge of the park between Gateway Gifts and Guest Relations.

More walls can be found on the eastern side next to Mouse Gear.

The playground remains open, but is surrounded by walls.

The Future World West bathroom area near to Test Track is also behind walls.

According to Disney, when complete "Epcot will be unified with four neighborhoods that each speak to important aspects of the world and its people: World Showcase, World Celebration, World Nature and World Discovery. These neighborhoods will be filled with new experiences rooted in authenticity and innovation that take you to new destinations, where the real is made fantastic in a celebration of curiosity, hands-on wonder and the magic of possibility."

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danlb_2000Dec 10, 2021

Permits probably for the new restaurant.. 1400 AVENUE OF THE STARS(INNOVENTIONS EAST) - Installation of lighting hardware 1400 AVENUE OF THE STARS(INNOVENTIONS EAST) - Fabricate and install show set items

brb1006Dec 06, 2021

Marc Davis FanNov 29, 2021

Is that Olivia Rodriguez?!

MisterPenguinNov 29, 2021

lazyboy97oNov 28, 2021

This isn’t happening and even if it were it wouldn’t be anywhere close to masking a significant portion of the building. At best you’d have a box of tall trees sitting along in front of the building.

castlecake2.0Nov 28, 2021

Passport to Dreams did a nice article on this. There’s some big culprits we have just gotten used to like the show buildings for Pooh and Presidents.

castlecake2.0Nov 28, 2021

Nope, if you read what I wrote nowhere did I say it was acceptable, I was just stating (that I was surprised) how hidden it was when you are in World Discovery.

Vegas Disney FanNov 28, 2021

The time involved is easy to forget looking at 50+ year old DL and MK. If you look at old photos of DL and MK the show building are often visible, it took decades for the trees that hide everything today to grow large enough to hide the buildings. A berm with trees around the BBB will definitely help, they’ll never cover the full height but in a couple decades they’ll mask most of it.

HauntedPirateNov 28, 2021

So it’s only visible from (arguably) 66% of the park, which thus makes it acceptable?

UNCgolfNov 28, 2021

That would probably be worse than the blue box because of how much it would distract from Spaceship Earth. The best solution would be to not build an attraction that requires a gigantic box of that height. They could have done any number of other things.

Marc Davis FanNov 28, 2021

I agree, and that's why I added "well-made." The ones you're describing are the poorly-made and/or badly-placed. You generally don't notice the well-made and properly-placed ones. An example is the "Tinkerbell landing tower" at Disneyland. That's actually what got me thinking about this. It took many visits and intentional looking for me to even notice that there was a fake tree in that "grove" next to Big Thunder. It's very unlikely that most guests ever notice it. And even that one could've been made better still. I'm not saying this is the same situation as that one "tree," I'm only saying that they can be done well. Yes re: Pandora and Galaxy's Edge. I was going to mention the trees/bamboo next to Pandora. I agree, Pandora already looks much better. I think Galaxy's Edge needed more from the outset (e.g., the fake trees), considering how bad it was bound to look for several years. Right, they shouldn't be in a cubic cluster. That's why I mentioned "especially if there were shorter ones off the sides." I was imagining a well-designed/well-placed "grove." It wouldn't even need to hide the building completely, but rather just be something in the foreground.

castlecake2.0Nov 28, 2021

@MisterPenguin did you do a mock up at one point of the gravity building if it were themed like at DCA?

castlecake2.0Nov 28, 2021

The gravity building is actually very well hidden from World Discovery, it’s only from the parking lot and World Showcase that it’s really visible. Hopefully it’s enough to help people disconnect their memory of possibly seeing the building from elsewhere by the time they are closer to the actual pavilion.

lazyboy97oNov 28, 2021

For awhile their visual intrusion was considered a mistake. We sort of know what it would look like, see Shanghai Disneyland.