Disney auditioning for improv actors for new Summer offering

Mar 12, 2018 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Monday March 12, 2018 4:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today posted a new audition call, seeking comedic actors with strong improvisational skills for a Summer offering at the Walt Disney World.

The posting doesn't specify which show the actors will be part of, but Disney has number of offerings already announced for the summer, including a Guardians of the Galaxy dance party at Epcot.

Male and Female Actors to portray passionate and enthusiastic comic book super fans. She/He is personable and energetic, and enjoys engaging total strangers to discuss all things concerning the details of their fandom.

Performers should have experience in interactive improvisational performance and must be able to captivate audiences. Knowledge of actual comic, superhero or fantasy characters is not required as the ability to improvise is paramount.
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larryzMar 13, 2018

Maybe they're looking for parking lot crews who can entertain while collecting the rumored Resort parking lot fee...

BaconMar 13, 2018

Disney Jr Dance party? It seems like they fit the description

Texas84Mar 13, 2018

Bring back the World Showcase Players.

Cmdr_CrimsonMar 13, 2018

I got it! Since Disney own's Fox..Let's just bring Comic Book guy out...Have him as the first Fox affiliated character in the park...:hilarious:

larryzMar 13, 2018

And don't forget the Test Track Singers...

MisterPenguinMar 13, 2018

They might be the MCs for the Guardian Awesome Mix Tape dance party. Hopefully, they'll be as good as the Frozen Singalong comedians.

Kman101Mar 12, 2018

The descriptions make it sound very cringe worthy, but I'm sure some guests will enjoy the interaction. More entertainment is always welcome but they've had some misses ... this and the Guardians dance party sound like one of them but we'll see :joyfull:

bhg469Mar 12, 2018

Improv.. The support group for extremely unfunny comedians that fail at stand-up. Can't wait