PHOTOS - Innoventions West stripped to steel supports in Epcot's Future World

Dec 12, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Epcot Future World West Demolition and Construction Walls - December 12 2019
Posted: Thursday December 12, 2019 10:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Rapid progress is being made on the demolition of the former Innoventions and Communicore buildings on the west side of Future World.

With walls removed on all sides, guests can now see right through the building, which is now just a skeleton of steel structural supports.

In the central area, the construction walls have been updated with a large piece of concept art showing the new design.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Innoventions West demolition.

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Virtual Toad33 minutes ago

I had the same thought as well. Looking at it from the air makes it seem as if 90% of guests will use the outer paths only. Taking what was once a spacious kinetic plaza and turning it into an area prone to bottlenecks and congestion. One of the reasons it looks more like an urban park designed by outsiders and thrown into a theme park, as opposed to being developed organically from a theme park operations/design perspective.

The Moles Family47 minutes ago

So what do we reckon for the Communicore Building to be complete? March/April? This re-work of the central hub has been painfully long for whats just landscaping but I now hope that all 4 parks shouldn't be prone to such large closures going forward. Any future work in Epcot shouldn't affect the guest experience too much. They won't but Imagine Pavillion & Wonders of Life need to be the focus now to add/help with capacity.

MrPromey57 minutes ago

Yeah, one could argue it provided more of a guest experience than the new greenery which, while nice is simply something that not only replaces that as a bottleneck but also removes additional space in the central spine for guest flow. That'll all look nice to walk past during the day as people head to attractions but I suspect that, while an improvement over the not-so-temporary wall experience, it'll be a loss in efficiency when it comes to the crowds exiting the park after the new nighttime show from what had been there previously.

Virtual Toad1 hour ago

Honest question: did Disney do all the creative work on this plan themselves? Or were outside consultants brought in? Asking because the (nearly) finished product seems very similar to several recent downtown/urban renewal projects that feature prominent green spaces and opportunities for "activation."

lazyboy97o1 hour ago

To what end? There’s no payoff. No connection to a larger idea, a theme. Nor does it provide orientation to the land, something this project was supposed to address.

UNCgolf1 hour ago

The water show synchronized to music was a really nice plus to the area that's now lacking.

Jambo Dad1 hour ago

I did. Teat out the stage that was built around it, adjust Journey of Water to fit, and don't tear down communicore just to rebuild it because they realized it was a stupid idea. That alone would have perhaps freed up enough for the Spaceship Earth upgrades.

Disney Analyst2 hours ago

I mean, I like a water feature myself, but I never found the fountain of nations particularly interesting enough to lament its loss 😅

MrPromey2 hours ago

"More trees" is, after all, the Iger creative touch!

Andrew C2 hours ago

Its okay...this is a safe space.

Incomudro2 hours ago

Count me in an one of those, it's not some type of fetish to like fountains. Fountains are quite a popular thing for people since Roman times, and were though important enough for Disney to create the Fountain of Nations.

Incomudro2 hours ago

The new building is more than a simple meet and greet now. It's going to be open on both sides, with lots of possibilities for use. I find it to be a vast improvement, and very much prefer it to them having left the structure as it was.

_caleb3 hours ago

Some of you people have a weird thing for fountains

fgmnt3 hours ago

Especially difficult to see the poor stewardship of this redo’s funds while the shadow of a languishing Spaceship Earth looms literally overtop the hub.