PHOTOS - Construction begins alongside demolition at the center of EPCOT

Jan 11, 2021 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Central Spine demolition and construction - January 8 2021
Posted: Monday January 11, 2021 10:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Alongside demolition at the center of EPCOT, construction crews are now working on rebuilding the eastern side of the central spine.

After being stripped down to the bare steel, we can now see new floor to ceiling windows already in position on what will become the new retail store replacing Mouse Gear.

We can also see framing for more glass units.

And more framing on the interior of the building.

Meanwhile on the west side, the structure still stands, but complete removal is expected in the near future.

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atighe423 days ago

I mean, yeah. Maybe they’ll be doing some paint refreshes, who knows? I’d consider it still a refresh with updates and cleaner signage.

WondersOfLife4 days ago

I thought they were just replacing signs

atighe425 days ago

Imagineering has apparently filed permits to overhaul the Monorail station. I’m looking forward to the refresh. The only thing after that is the entrance toll marquee, it seems.

HauntedPirate5 days ago

Merchandise design has been going downhill for years. 90% of what’s put out is a rehash of what was just available. Yearly merchandise has slight changes from year to year, and nowhere near enough to set it apart. Anyone else have or remember the t-shirt inspired by this? I guess the mandate these days is pump out the same stuff year after year, while making sure to latch onto hot trends to extract maximum dollars from the “once in a lifetime” rubes.

ImperfectPixie5 days ago

That's fine for Joe Schmoe clothing store in the middle of a plaza or mall. I don't want "museum style" stores at Disney resorts.

uncle jimmy5 days ago

Sadly, this "museum style" design has been the direction companies have gone over the past 10 years. It's to allow the merchandise to be seen, rather than have customers not see it because looking somewhere else or miss seeing it because the merchandise blends in with its surroundings. The merchandise is whats suppose to hold the visual attention, not the background... So depending on the season's "in" colors or something they want to push like F&G the store would have more of that kind of feel to guests. It's easier to add seasonal flowers or Pine trees to a blank canvas... 90's is in right now, so maybe creations will create that feel. I hope they have details that are missing from the photos that we aren't seeing, which would make one not feel like they are shopping at a store in the mall... surprisingly this design style often times can be very expensive to build, depending on the elements used if its natural or man-made. This is WDI, so it's expensive already. I've had companies build stores and update stores like this that cost multiples of millions each, surprising what a bland design might run. Another reason companies moved to this style is it doesn't become dated as fast for a remodel, update to this style are small, easier and less costly. Personally, I hold the designers of the merchandise responsible if I don't a t-shirt, hoodie, mug or whatever is in a shop I want to buy but don't. They are the ones creating the designs of the merchandise.

Brer Panther5 days ago

That would be a wonderful name for a documentary about 2013-present Disney.

Thelazer5 days ago

I feel like we've overlooked how bland the "Creations" name for the shop is.. after all this talk about it's bland theming. Feels whoever named this, used to work at Marriott and was in charge of setting up the hotel coffee shops names.

DoleWhipDrea6 days ago

The only slightly exciting thing from this update was what little information there was about Club Cool returning. Where’s that concept art? Or are they afraid that we’re going to tear it apart? (That hasn’t exactly stopped them with anything else...) I’ve hardly ever been excited about the look of a store, but this is particularly architect modern generic. I guess the one good thing is the use of windows streaming natural light in again. There’s something to be said for overusing the same mascot in every Disney location... I miss the days when the various parks had their own identities. Mickey really doesn’t need to be plastered everywhere.

HauntedPirate6 days ago

Bland, industrial store with the exact same merchandise you can find in 142 places around WDW. What’s the draw? Zero imagination or creativity involved. Ooo... a Mickey painted on the wall? Sorry. Pass. Do better.

sedati6 days ago

How would you categorize any OG Future World shop. Or Future World quick serve while we're at it?

mandstaft6 days ago

Give me the original Disney Store (Gallery) any day- when it was full of Imagineering pieces and cool collectables vs. stuffed animals and junk.

Incomudro6 days ago

My thoughts exactly. Give me an attractive shop, and I'll browse, look around and likely pick something up. Give me a stark store, and I'll only go in it specifically to get something.

ImperfectPixie6 days ago

They definitely won't have that effect on me. The themed shops demanded that I look around to make sure there were no little discoveries I missed, which often led to me finding items that I would usually overlook. You should see me in regular stores, lol. I step in, look around really quick...if nothing catches my attention, I'm gone.