PHOTOS - Most of the walls removed in latest Innoventions West demolition work at EPCOT

Dec 11, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Future World West  demolition - December 11 2020

Most the exterior walls are now down at the former Innoventions West building.

Walking around the area it is now possible to see directly through the building and into the closed-off central spine.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Innoventions West demolition.

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Article Posted: Dec 11, 2020 / 1:38pm ET
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trainplane316 hours ago

😆 Maybe let me correct myself? *They've proven they can continue to do incredible rockwork* I guess it's the one thing they haven't gotten worse at.

marni197117 hours ago

As they have done for decades?

trainplane319 hours ago

What if it's a dog house with extremely beautiful rockwork on the front? Current WDI has proven they can do incredible rockwork. And a oversized green box behind it because whoops we can't hide something properly anymore. The table is a very neat piece of architecture and feels Epcot if you can overlook the rectangle for the elevator in the middle but that's it. It's too small, too awkwardly placed, and you know it'll be lacking in a few years. It's a band-aid on a larger issue but it had to be built so a project manager could have their name tied to doing "something great". I mentioned Future World East to someone and was met with "It's World Discovery now. FW isn't a thing anymore" instantly. They're pushing this stuff so hard, it really feels like there's no transition. It's just THAT now even though literally nothing has changed and everything that's new is a construction wall or a dirt pile right now. Of course this is from an area that isn't WDI but is involved on a limited basis.

HauntedPirate20 hours ago

Perhaps it’s my slightly-altered sense of smell since my Covid infection, but I smell nothing malodorous about the bar-on-legs being cancelled. Those in charge have long since lost my benefit of the doubt. I no longer trust them to build a dog house. What they are doing to Epcot is just another example of why they cannot be trusted.

atighe4220 hours ago

There is way too much information that hasn't yet been provided to the masses to give me a firm indication that the functioning of the park is going into the mud. I'm not saying that ISN'T what is happening, but there are too many variables still to be brought up. The loss of CommuniCore West is tragic, absolutely. And, despite the fact that the Festival Center was controversial and probably unnecessary, it really stinks that it is canned too. I'd much rather see it built than nothing at all/an astroturf field in its' place. The mandated inclusion of IP is unfortunate, but I am willing to see what it brings to the park. Some of the additions are tastefully done, but it doesn't make the park unenjoyable. I love the Epcot of old, I mourn the loss of its inherent integrity, but I am willing to give the people in charge who care the benefit of the doubt.

DVCakaCarlF20 hours ago

Exactly, I’m making a point that they don’t, but if you aren’t aligned with Bob & Kennedy, you are out.

_caleb1 day ago

What do these things have to do with an Imagineer’s talent?

DVCakaCarlF1 day ago

You mean someone that isn’t “woke” or has 1M Instagram followers?

KIGhostGuy1 day ago

Is there anybody working on EPCOT that isn’t some talentless corporate hack?

marni19711 day ago

This should and could have been handled so much better. No amount of t shirt wearing or logo introducing will hide the fact they don’t have a clue. This park will be today’s managements legacy just as DCA was in 2001.

DoleWhipDrea1 day ago

Truly, a time traveler must have left us with the phrase, “Hindsight is 2020” - trouble was we misinterpreted what they meant :banghead:

trainplane31 day ago

Terrible ideas all the way around. You can't make something old Instagrammable. Impossible. Unfeasible. You MUST demo and build. :rolleyes: Obviously joking

Bocabear1 day ago

That all sounds so....reasonable. Shame they did not choose that route...especially with the now deferred construction on everything...It is going to be a big unfinished space of nothingness for years to come.

lazyboy97o1 day ago

Opening up the ground floor really is not that great of an idea. It’s been tried before and never really worked out. You remove all of the activity that is needed to make a place enjoyable. The image of this floating building is ultimately destroyed by the reality of needing to get stuff and people up and down. Even the Wonder Table’s thin, curvy forms and open space were jarringly interrupted by a massive rectangular service core right in the middle of it. The CommuniCore buildings could though have been renovated to include many of the Table’s features. The roof could have been rebuilt and reenforced to turn it into an accessible garden. If views to Future Workd West were really an issue the breezeways could have been widened and other even carefully added either ally by making new open space or figuratively by making it possible to see and walk through and chosen points. The buildings are big and open, making them easily adaptable to different programming, including spaces that flexible so that they can handle a rotation of festival activities.