EPCOT's mist machines return to World Discovery with a new look

May 10, 2022 in "EPCOT"

New look World Discovery water misters
Posted: Tuesday May 10, 2022 10:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's cooling water mist machines have returned to World Discovery with a new look.

The curved frames now have white supports and red panels.

The red matches the color used through World Discovery on trash cans and signage.

The misters at the Liquid Layer have also been updated with the same new look.

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James Alucobond12 minutes ago

Because it's a design choice. None actually overlap the rings, and it's all obviously intentional since three of the encroaching gardens follow the ring contours exactly. You can agree or disagree with the choice, but it's not a mistake. It's in the site plan.

The Moles Family15 minutes ago

Sorry as I know it’s most likely already been mentioned but has it been discussed as to why a couple of the flower beds overlap the logo and the others don’t?

vikescaper36 minutes ago

I hope they do something the paneling on the sides of Project Tomorrow. The panels look awful!

tparris40 minutes ago

Much needed.

DCBaker1 hour ago

The exterior of the Project Tomorrow building facing World Celebration Gardens is getting a fresh coat of paint today.

Thelazer2 hours ago

Makes sense to do for sure.

Haymarket20089 hours ago

Fantastic. The entry plaza has been a lovely place to congregate and watch the light shows on Spaceship Earth. To have that experience but on a bigger scale o the center of the park is going to be gorgeous.

Disney Analyst9 hours ago

Disstevefan118 hours ago

Oh boy, I never watched Frozen II! Now I have a reason!

MisterPenguin19 hours ago

Frozen II is based on that myth.

Disstevefan11 day ago

See Water Memory Theory ;)

tparris1 day ago

I was thinking about that too

IMDREW1 day ago

Will the new area music and Epcot suite also debut dec 5th? Is that even still a thing?

tparris1 day ago

Drank it