EPCOT's mist machines return to World Discovery with a new look

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New look World Discovery water misters
Posted: Tuesday May 10, 2022 10:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's cooling water mist machines have returned to World Discovery with a new look.

The curved frames now have white supports and red panels.

The red matches the color used through World Discovery on trash cans and signage.

The misters at the Liquid Layer have also been updated with the same new look.

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DCBaker9 hours ago

Centauri Space Station21 hours ago

I think this would’ve been better off being replaced tbh

Yankeegal1 day ago

Excellent! 😂

aladdin20071 day ago

I hope some plants are forthcoming!!

castlecake2.01 day ago

That’s why I don’t get that it stopped. All these new areas around Connections and Creations were built with little curbs around planters and landscaping instead of retaining walls that could double as benches. The lack of seating is causing a noticeable amount of guests to just give up and sit on the ground which is bad guest service and just makes the place look tacky.

lazyboy97o1 day ago

This was largely the strategy for awhile.

Swarls Barkley1 day ago

castlecake2.01 day ago

It really isn’t amusing anymore, we get it already

SplashZander1 day ago

I’m not commenting on you in particular, but in literally every thread on this forum, when discussing the most minor things, this always gets mentioned, followed by a “Cheapek” comment. It got old a while ago

HauntedPirate1 day ago

There’s a MagicBand reader built-in to each. And you are charged based on the time of day, temperature, length of sitting, and your weight. Magic!!!

castlecake2.01 day ago

I wouldn’t want to be misted by that…

Communicora1 day ago

This looks like some sort of Doctor Who villain. Picture an army of these guys walking stiffly around the lagoon.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

I have a great idea on how to hide the Stargate. First, we're gonna need 500 square feet of canvas.... Orange Face is racist....

MisterPenguin1 day ago

This was the only misting station working in EPCOT yesterday.