PHOTOS - Construction progress at Epcot's main entrance area and new water feature

Mar 10, 2020 in "EPCOT"

Epcot main entrance area and fountain construction - March 10 2020
Posted: Tuesday March 10, 2020 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Work on the second half of the new Epcot entrance area is continuing.

Forms are in place for the new landscaping planters, and the new water feature is still under construction, but appears almost ready.

Disney hasn't offered a completion date for this phase of the Epcot project, but it appears from those latest shots that the bulk of the remaining work is the new walkway concrete, which is typically done quickly.

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mnelson320 hours ago

Might this “soft open” with Harmonious on the 29th?

SoFloMagic2 days ago

Yeah, with a theme song 🤮

mnelson32 days ago

Will there be some type of lighting ceremony each night?

MisterPenguin2 days ago

I'm sure there will indeed be some subtle twinkling. But I'm also sure there will be very bright and animated shows popping up at regular intervals.

britain2 days ago

And this is sort of giving me these vibes...

britain2 days ago

I mean, I guess this matches, but I thought that concept art was showing 2 bright lights and lots of dimmer lights across the flood-lit sphere. Oh well, it's probably fine. There are far worse things at WDW.

brb10062 days ago

Or it could be the video quality, Twitter's video quality is odd at times. Maybe it will look better on Youtube.

Disney Analyst2 days ago

Let me find your glasses for you… cause we must be seeing two very different things. This looks spectacular 😍

britain2 days ago

I was hoping for more subtle twinkling. This stuff is going to age pretty quickly. It already feels like a low resolution Jumbotron.

FigmentFan823 days ago

Engage lava lamp mode!! Lol. The testing they're doing def shows some really cool capabilities of these lights. Can't wait to see some of the

trainplane33 days ago

They were always static white up until this year. With the rest of the entrance, they were upgraded to do all sorts of nice color stuff. Even the lighting at the restrooms were upgraded. Everything is now full RGB. Default seems to be green on the right (World Nature), red on the left (World Discovery) but it'll also rest at blue with a nice "swooping" effect going on. Crap quality but you can see the transition happening on the right:

CntrlFlPete3 days ago

have the red/green/blue/white lights been always been running around the entrance area? was walking out of Epcot the other day and was just surprised at how they were flashing, changing color often, changing the speed in which they moved around the park--I thought when they were going to do something like this at the people mover they ended up just leaving it set on one color.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

And more testing..

DCBaker3 days ago