New NextGen RFID main entrance turnstiles to go live this week

Dec 10, 2012 in "Epcot"

Remember the Epcot RFID main entrance turnstile test that took place last November? The trial didn't last for long, but was obviously a big success, as Disney is now about to deploy the system to all four parks beginning this week.

Work has been ongoing for the last few months on the right-side of each of the park's main entrances in preparation. The deployment will be a phased approach, with more turnstiles being converted to the new system over the next few months. All guest tickets will be converted to the RFID versions, allowing all guests to use the system.

The RFID reader allows guests to just touch their ticket to the RFID Mickey head reader and walk through. Along with being quicker, it is far more convenient for guests with strollers and wheelchairs, and those in larger groups.

Article Posted: Dec 10, 2012 / 1:51pm EST