Splash pad removed from the World Showcase bridge at EPCOT

Oct 06, 2021 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT bridge to World Showcase splash pad removed
Posted: Wednesday October 6, 2021 8:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The splash pad water feature between World Celebration and World Showcase has been removed and replaced with am open concrete area.

Construction walls have been up in the area for the last couple of months, and have now been removed revealing the change.

No word yet on whether the area will remain an open space, or if something like a kiosk will be placed in that area.

The other splash pad near to Test Track remains open.

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SpaceMountain771 hour ago

Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take the Behind the Seeds tour. If you are looking for a spark of 1982 EPCOT Center inspiration, then it can be found at Living with the Land. EPCOT scientists are presently exploring plum growth in space. The initiative can be found here: Technologies for Fruit Production and Plant Propagation that are Compatible with Spaceflight Conditions

Epcot82Guy3 hours ago

I saw that yesterday. It looked really great. I'm hoping this is an indicator of things to come. The attraction could use a good refresh/repair, especially in the first scenes. That sign was a welcome surprise!

James Alucobond1 day ago

I like that they seem decently mix-and-matchy.

vikescaper1 day ago

I want the hoodie! 🤣

ToTBellHop1 day ago

New costumes are somehow both classic Epcot and 2023-appropriate. Glad someone can thread that needle!

DCBaker1 day ago

These costumes look great!

MagicHappens19711 day ago

Most of the new costumes designed recently finally look like they’re designed for CMs who have to be out in the 100°+ heat and rain. Just a welcome change for them for sure

SaucyBoy1 day ago

Nice update! I like these better than most recent ones, which I think were the solid color with a SSE emblem on the top left? Maybe I'm thinking of the new event costume.

Disney Analyst1 day ago

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Well, actually, iridescence does make sense for sea water. Waves crashing creates color shifts. And it sparkles! Hmmm... wonder if they thought about Elmer's glue and glitter...

Earlie the Pearlie2 days ago

Don’t you mean EARidescence?!?!

DreamfinderGuy2 days ago

Yeah this is why I’m hoping there’s been a miscommunication somewhere, I really don’t want to see that here. I’m still burned out from the over saturation of it during the 50th.

James Alucobond2 days ago

Am I alone in never having liked the purple? I don't exactly love the orange going on now either, but the original shade always looked horrific to me. I feel like someone's either making something up or misunderstood.