Permits filed to begin work on the new Epcot entrance

Mar 05, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Tuesday March 5, 2019 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed permits to begin work on the new Epcot main entrance, where the plaza will welcome guests with new pathways, green spaces and a newly reimagined fountain.

The permit describes the work as "Project G: 200D-1 Enabling Works at North Pathways. Includes sitework, demo, hardscape, landscaping."

This new design will pay homage to the original park entrance with fresh takes on classic elements. As part of this new entry experience, Leave A Legacy photos will move into a new setting just outside the park’s gateway. While the photos will be staying, the granite columns will not be part of the new display.

Work is expected to begin very shortly, and will be the first phase in a reworking of the entire Epcot central spine from the main entrance to the World Showcase bridge.
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Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

Just saw this video of The Mystic Falls fountain show at Sam's Town Casino in Las Vegas and heard a familiar song playing within this show...Sound Familiar? That's right....It's one of the songs from the new Epcot Entrance loop (which I still hope is just a temporary thing)..

DznyRktekt4 days ago

I agree 100% gentlemen.

Cmdr_Crimson4 days ago

You know....At the OTHER park down the road..If you know the "Secret Code" on Rip, Ride, Rockit you can ride with the Henson version..

Goofyernmost4 days ago

I agree, I always felt that in spite of a couple of stretches the history is somewhat sugar coated already, but does point out some significant low points. That must not be lost or it will erase all credibility that Disney still has left. (It's getting slimmer as it is) It is the USA Pavilion, Worlds Fair style. Countries do not spend that much money to broadcast their faults. I felt it was brave of Disney to do as much negative as the did. Without those then they might as well tear it down and build a cartoon theater.

Bocabear4 days ago

Hopefully never... The history of our nation is not all sugar and sunshine...and the actual show at the American Adventure points out the rough spots and ends on a beautiful inspirational note. I agree about the new Voices of Liberty costumes....Yikes.

DznyRktekt5 days ago

When will Muppets be added to The American Adventure with the controversial storyline topics removed? Thematically the Muppets singing in the entry plaza fits about as much as those new dreamy polyester costumes for Voices of Liberty.

Lands of Wonder5 days ago

They need more songs, different one every 15 minutes

TikibirdLand6 days ago

I love what they did with SE. I do agree that, at times, they hit them too bright and lose some of the quality. Overall, they say "EPCoT" to me. With the addition of the lights on the crossing areas on either side, it makes for a very impressive entrance!

Brer Oswald6 days ago

For me, it’s complicated. The concept of the show insults my intelligence. I don’t care for the soundtrack. It looks ugly in the day. ...but holy cow was it pretty to look at when the show was going. I still get wowed by pretty lights, water features, and pyro. I think by default it is the best nighttime show at WDW currently.

Brer Oswald6 days ago

I like some of the Star Wars moderation. Start playing it everywhere, in places it doesn’t fit, and it feels forced. Ever since Disney bought Star Wars, it feels like they’ve been forcing it down our throats. Back before 2012 when they just had Star Tours, I quite enjoyed that ride and that area of the park.

helenabear6 days ago

Glad you enjoy it. It's meh to me which just makes the barges worse. When they aren't working properly It's bad. When they are, it reminds me of those Willi Waterbug toys we had as kids. The redo of some of the songs were bad and half don't even fit with Epcot. I dislike projections so all is lost on me as a whole. Sorry to be so harsh but it's a disgrace after the last two shows.

Disney Analyst6 days ago

I can understand and agree re: the daytime hate. But the show itself is just wonderful to me. I adore the show. 😅

helenabear6 days ago

I actually don't think any of the MK fireworks have been that good. Wasn't a fan of Wishes at all. Enchantment is fine for fireworks and weak on the rest. It's better from afar. I won't be bothering to see it in park again. In fact I left the park and wound up finishing it from the ferry heading over to Epcot to see Beacons of Magic at Epcot. It was a nice show from the boat. Harmonious is unfitting and downright awful for Epcot. What they did to the lagoon views for this uninspiring show is unforgivable. Even Epcot Forever was more fitting. Seriously I cannot explain my anger about Harmonious and really wish the barges would catch fire and go away.

Disney Analyst6 days ago

Enchantment better then Harmonious? Oh no… oh no… oh no no no no.