VIDEO - Recording the soundtrack for Epcot Forever at the Abbey Road Studios

Sep 24, 2019 in "Epcot Forever"

Posted: Tuesday September 24, 2019 9:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In the latest behind-the-scenes look at Epcot Forever, Disney takes us to the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London where Disney music producers and the London Symphony Orchestra recorded the musical score for the upcoming Epcot nighttime spectacular.

“Epcot Forever,” an all-new nighttime spectacular that takes guests on a journey through the years and into the future, opens October 1, 2019, as part of the transformation of Epcot. The show will bring World Showcase Lagoon to life with a spark of imagination that quickly grows into a spectacle of fireworks, lighting, lasers and special effects kites.

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mnelson3Sep 24, 2021

That is true and those things are bound to need a refurbishment at some point.

HauntedPirateSep 24, 2021


SquishySep 24, 2021

Maybe when the barges go down for refurbishment someday?

mnelson3Sep 24, 2021

Unless Harmonious is a flop and fails 🤣. Yeah that’s not gonna happen I’m sure.

wdwmagicSep 24, 2021

EF was a temp show between RoE and Harmonious. I don't think we will ever see it again.

montydysquith-navarroSep 24, 2021

With the "soft opening" of Harmonious on the 29th, I wonder what will happen to Epcot Forever? Is there a possibility of it being the new anniversary tag that could be used next year for EPCOT's 40th, effectively replacing the pre-RoE IllumiNations music that was used previously?

CrazydisneyfanlukeSep 18, 2021

For me it sounded like the live version of the song which was performed in Europe. You can't really find it on YouTube, but it is on Spotify (Click here). I'm 100% sure it is.

tparrisSep 17, 2021

Parts of the ToN score has been rearranged as part of the new Creations Shop music loop. You can hear it in the ResortTV livestream from Wednesday, from around the 15:41-18:00 time mark. The music that plays afterwards also sounds familiar, but I’m not quite sure what it’s from.

JohnDSep 17, 2021

Good song. Wrong place.

TrojanUSCSep 17, 2021

Will never forget opening night when this got booed around the lagoon.

MovieloverSep 17, 2021

I actually really like it, or at least the specific rescoring of it, they included different horns and strings which to me blends it well with the Epcot original music. I get why people have a problem with it but to me it was a good ending to the show.

DonaldDoleWhipSep 17, 2021

Another compliment I’ll throw EF’s way - the pre-show music is really fun. Not as serious as RoE’s, but very festive and bouncy. Really enjoyed walking around the lagoon and taking it in.

Richie248Sep 16, 2021

Excited to see this one last time. I've really come to love this show....mostly because I've always been a fan of "vintage" Epcot tunes....and yes "A Whole New World" is considered the "future" of Epcot/Ipcot.....

JohnDSep 16, 2021

Glad I picked up the CD (WDW Millennium Celebration)