EPCOT Seas Adventures - DiveQuest to close for refurbishment in early 2023

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Posted: Thursday November 17, 2022 9:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's EPCOT Seas Adventures – DiveQuest will be closing for refurbishment in early 2023.

The closure begins January 13 2023 through to mid-March, with a precise reopening date not yet available.

DiveQuest is 2 hour experience for SCUBA-certified divers where you’ll get to spend approximately 40 minutes on your actual dive in the 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium at The Seas pavilion. You’ll also get a backstage tour to see the inner workings of the massive aquarium. DiveQuest costs $219 per person plus tax.

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DCBaker19 days ago

According to the Walt Disney World website, EPCOT Seas Adventures – DiveQuest and Dolphins in Depth will be closed for refurbishment January 13 through mid-March 2023.

V_L_RaptorAug 20, 2022

Hope we get the little gift shop with the plant cuttings back in time for Behind the Seeds to resume.

PHSCoachAug 20, 2022

We’ve done both the Epcot tour and the Fort Wilderness tours.

Smiley/OCDAug 17, 2022

Going back & thinking about it, I’m almost positive that it started at 8, 1 hour to train and then 90 minutes to 2 hours for the tour…they wanted us off them by the time WS opened at 11 am…the problem was dodging guests going back to innovations…NO ONE paid any attention (and that was before the days of parking your face in your cell phone) I think the liability of an accident caused that tour to end.

JohnDAug 17, 2022

I'll miss these by one day. OTOH, I already have plans for Savor the Savannah in AK several days earlier.

ajrwdwgirlAug 17, 2022

On our tour we got free samples.

dmwAug 17, 2022

Oooh, that is an early start but sure sounds fun. We love doing Segway tours!

ABQAug 16, 2022

That was the Wilderness Backtrail Adventure. Would be super boring now as it would go through the flat, empty area cleared as part of the cancelled DVC resort. That was a fun one though on the larger offroad tires.

Smiley/OCDAug 16, 2022

Yes, that tour was still available up until Covid…this tour started at between 7 & 8 am…you “learned” indoors (I believe at innoventions) how to stop, start, steer, etc. then we rode as a group to WS before they opened to ride/tour throughout the countries…it was the most awesome tour AND we received a really neat limited edition pin upon the end of the tour. I couldn’t physically do it again, but I LOVE to see my girls try it…

dmwAug 16, 2022

We did a Segway tour in 2019. It was called something else... and the start/end was all in the Fort Wilderness area.

aaronmlAug 16, 2022

I’m still hoping they bring back the Backstage Magic tour…

Smiley/OCDAug 16, 2022

Just don’t steal the cucumbers! Lol

Smiley/OCDAug 16, 2022

If you like to grow veggies, it’s awesome! Even better during Christmas!

bhg469Aug 16, 2022

I never got an opportunity to do this and always wanted to...