Farewell to the Earffel Tower at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Apr 29, 2016 in "Earffel Tower"

Earfell Tower overview
Posted: Friday April 29, 2016 8:46am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The iconic Earffel Tower at Disney's Hollywood Studios was removed overnight, bringing an end to the parks original symbol and icon.

The tower stood at 130ft tall, and famously had a hat size of 342 3/8. The top tower weighed 32,000lbs, and each ear weighed in at 5000lbs.

Although never designed to actually hold water, the Disney's Hollywood Studios version represented the common sight of water towers at motion picture studios.

Disney announced back in January 2016 that the Earffel Tower would be removed as part of the plans to redevelop the park. The area of land that the tower occupied will soon be home to Toy Story Land.

Although the tower served as the parks official icon, Disney has frequently used both the Chinese Theater and The Hollywood Tower Hotel in promotional material to represent the park.

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Doug MeansJul 10, 2016

i have not been sense the Earful Tower has come down, i know it will be a said day when we drive by where we should have seen it but don't! i will shed a tear, and probably every time after that we go by. life will go on, life will go on!

DaveeeeedJul 10, 2016

Wish that would be the case, but they don't want it to have that Studios theme. Walt Disney Studios in Paris has an entrance that looks spectacular, so the tower works, but for HWS it really has nothing to do with the park anymore.

GoofyernmostJul 09, 2016

Just about a day late and a dollar short on that idea. What no longer exists cannot be incorporated in anyplace.

Clarissa McDanielJul 09, 2016

The tower doesn't have to be destroyed. It could be relocated and still incorporated in HS.

DaveeeeedJul 09, 2016

Sorry I didn't mean that when it comes down I was trying to explain what I originally responded to this: So I was trying to explain it's not a bad thing for it to be down. Sorry for the confusion.

DHSCMJul 09, 2016

What are you talking about its been down since Late March early April. Land has been entirely cleared and prepared there's already pictures and proof of all of this so I don't know what your trying to get at.

DaveeeeedJul 09, 2016


danlb_2000Jul 09, 2016

But since it's been down for months it's all pretty academic at this point.

DaveeeeedJul 09, 2016

*Toy Story Land. It is all relative. If Star Wars wasn't going to happen Toy Story Land might have been put where Star Wars Land was so the earful tower might not of have to be removed. But either way I was commenting on if it comes down quicker it'll be quicker to build because if something goes down that means they can dedicate more stuff to Star Wars Land which means progress which means it will come quicker.

danlb_2000Jul 09, 2016

Star Wars land is no where near where the tower was, and the tower has been gone for a while so it's no holding up anything.

DaveeeeedJul 09, 2016

Why? It means that Star Wars Land will come quicker

Clarissa McDanielJul 09, 2016

I would cry at that sight. I don't want to see that!

DaveeeeedJul 09, 2016

Completely agree, that's why I hope they'll have a new Icon.

MansionButler84Jul 09, 2016

To me it isn't an icon because it doesn't tie the park together. The Chinese Theatre does but it is a replica of a real building which creates issues for some.