Permits filed for new fireworks launch site at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Nov 30, 2015 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Monday November 30, 2015 1:33pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed a construction permit for a new fireworks launch area at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The new site is located outside of the park, across World Drive on an area that is currently undeveloped. The site is inline with Hollywood Blvd, and is somewhat similar to the Magic Kingdom setup with a launch site in the north service area outside of the park.

The main launch site for current fireworks shows at the Studios is on a temporary trailer parked near to the former tram tour station. Low level pyro is launched from the rooftops around the Great Movie Ride.

It is expected that the tram tour site will soon be unavailable due to construction of Toy Story Land, and the new launch site will be essential to continue with firework shows at the park.

As part of the park's Star Wars celebrations, a nightly firework show will begin in early January 2016.

(Thanks to danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permit application)

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TrainChasersNov 12, 2019

No need to with the crazy demand for Star Wars land... oh wait ;)

CommunicoraNov 12, 2019

It's weird that they haven't tried to make this work. Surely they see the demand is there. The Villains nights at MK, didn't seem that interesting in comparison.

wannabeBelleNov 04, 2019

An amazing night for sure. The fireworks, the music, the villains, it was all off the charts!!!! I miss Bernie Briquette and Brimstone though. Marie

marni1971Oct 29, 2019

It was insane! For comparison here’s the following years regular show

SplashZanderOct 29, 2019

Do you happen to have any comparisons to other shows for the pyro? Looks insane.

TrainChasersOct 29, 2019

Ohhhhh I had forgotten about that! I wasn’t there for that one but remember hearing about it. I was at the 1 hard ticket event they did.

IMDREWOct 29, 2019

Seeing that Villainy in the Sky fireworks video again... man, they should be ashamed of the fireworks shows at DHS today! This was EPIC! o_O

IMDREWOct 29, 2019

Woah, I did not know that. I noticed it was super overcrowded, but luckily I was in the park for the whole day already and stayed in. Do you know why they won't bring out the villains for meet & greets anymore? They have the Halloween parties, and now the villains after hours as well! Is it really just to keep them exclusive?

wdwmagicOct 29, 2019

Yes indeed. Here is the thread if anyone wants a refresh

marni1971Oct 29, 2019

Chaos. Seems half of central Florida got off work and wanted to attend. Buena Vista and World Drives were gridlocked. Busses were stuck. People parked in the Epcot front lot and walked. People parked on the roadway verges and walked. And then they queued for ages to try and get in.

IMDREWOct 29, 2019

I went to the first non hard ticket one and absolutely LOVED it! Never went to Halloween party before that, so this whole parks party vibe was new to me. I loved the Villains meet & Greets around Echo Lake, but true, the lines were really unbearable. But all the villains were there and I was so happy about that! I was mighty impressed (especially with it being free of course). Loved the fireworks and remember being blown away when the Hellfire part came, was pretty dark and big fireworks. I didn't expect any of that. What happened outside the park that made it so bad for them? It was a Friday 13th event right? I also really liked the logo and the meet & greet backdrops with the "13th" on it. Never understood why they didn't repeat this event. DHS is/was also a very nice park for a villains night. And I also don't understand why they haven't brought out the villains like this for the Halloween parties!

marni1971Oct 29, 2019

Noooo... the first one in 2013 wasn't a hard ticket. Open for anyone with admission. That was the problem. Take a look, including THAT fireworks show, here:

TrainChasersOct 28, 2019

It was good but I still prefer the pirate and princess party fireworks. I wish that show could have replaced wishes instead of HEA.

TrainChasersOct 28, 2019

It was one night at Hollywood Studios. They did a bunch of villians meet and greets but they oversold the event so it was insane lines to meet the good characters. They had a live band and a stage show hosted by Hades (live actor.. very funny and pretty irreverent for Disney), they had oogie boogie variety show where beauty and the beast is. Again oogie boogie actually came out to host the show. The variety acts were pretty sexy for Disney as well... sideshow style acts like sword swallowing and such. The brown derby was a a villains lounge with a special menu and villians roaming around (cuella was in there for sure... can’t remember who else). A really impressive custom fireworks show. Umm.... that’s about it. Mostly it was just overcrowded and oversold. I wasn’t too let down personally but it also wasn’t overly impressive.