PHOTOS - New permit filings suggest the possibility of new roadways coming to Walt Disney World

Jun 30, 2015 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Tuesday June 30, 2015 2:54pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

A couple of new permits have been filed with the South Florida water Management District that suggest Disney is exploring the possibility of adding new roadways to several key areas of Walt Disney World.

The plans are not yet for actual roads, but are permits to allow the exploration of ground conditions for potential future road building. Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the forums for spotting this one.

The first is a new road that would link Disney's Hollywood Studios to Victory Way, the road that serves the massive Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts.

In some of the possible redesigns of the Studios park, the roadways have been reconfigured with a main entrance off World Drive, a bus only entrance along Buena Vista Drive across from the Boardwalk, and a new exit road leading to Victory Way.

The second plan is for a possible roadway running from the northern side of property near Reams Road to Floridan Way, near to the Grand Floridian Resort.

This appears likely to relate to the project to bring a new access from the north of property, a route commonly used by Cast Members and guests who live on the rapidly expanding northern side of Walt Disney World. You can read more about this project here.

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JenniferSJul 14, 2015

And this is what I get for clicking "Show Ignored Content". :facepalm:

DisneyGentlemanJul 14, 2015

Found an updated image with a bit more information...

zakattack99Jul 14, 2015

Question, I live in PA and the long and the short of it is if you want to do anything Road related you have to get approval from Penn Dot. It dose not matter if it is township, county, or state Penn Dot will have their hands in it. Basically if the public will use it Penn Dot has approved it. This can cause miles or red tape and piles of paperwork not to mention the approval process, site surveys, and other approvals that one has to get done before you can build a road and that is before you have the DEP get involved! My question is dose Disney have to deal with anything like this in FL. Who would "own" these roads Reedy Creek or are they considered private roads owned by Disney? My thought process being if FL Dot dose not have to be involved Diseny could build these roads relatively quickly, if they wanted to. I'm just curious as to the process in FL and who owns the roads on property. Also who amuses the responsibility for maintenance if you know thanks!

Sage of TimeJul 13, 2015


JenniferSJul 13, 2015

I am assuming you are missing an "s" from assess, and thereby got bleeped. :hilarious:

danlb_2000Jul 13, 2015

Just speculating, but if they do this Floridian Way extension they could in theory remove the old Floridian way and open up some expansion room.

Sage of TimeJul 13, 2015

Any road work by Frontierland? Or the rest of MK? Cough cough?

CDavidJul 12, 2015

The problem with exiting onto Victory Way is that you are still facing traffic lights, and the resulting backups, either turning off Victory at Osceola or Buena Vista Drive. Seems like it would be better to exit directly onto Osceola; Westbound to World Drive then U.S. 192 is traffic signal free.

Master YodaJul 12, 2015

That is what it looks like, but I would assume that it is a study of what it will take to build a road vs is one possible. I think it is safe to say that the road is a foregone conclusion unless something extraordinary is found. At most, I think we see the path might deviate a bit from what the survey shows.

danlb_2000Jul 12, 2015

This is still a ways off. These permits aren't even for the construction of the roads, just test holes to assess the soil conditions. At the very least it will be a few months to get this permit approved, get the work done and then evaluate the results. Once that happens they can complete the design and engineering and then they would have to submit more permits for the actual work. I would guess that we are looking at a year at the very least before this would start. This is all assuming that they decide to build these at all.

marni1971Jul 12, 2015

Last I heard the Victory proposal was exit only. World Drive gate was to have its access reconfigured to be easier to use from the north.

PhotoDave219Jul 12, 2015

These are just test holes, to see if it's suitable for actually building a road. (Right @Master Yoda ?) So a long ways off.

DisneyNeighborJul 12, 2015

Does anyone have a clue how long this will take? How soon would you expect to see construction of new roads at the Studios?

tl77Jul 02, 2015

The top few look like they'll be exits for the "soon to expanded" MK parking lot