Disney's Hollywood Studios to mark its 30th year with new logo

Nov 19, 2018 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Monday November 19, 2018 10:23am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that Disney's Hollywood Studios will mark its 30th year with a new logo.

The grand unveiling is set for January 18 2019, along with the debut of Metroville where guests can meet Edna Mode and the Incredibles.

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Kman101Apr 03, 2019

Sadly it seems character "experience" (a new word for meet and greet apparently) is considered an attraction now ;)

celluloidApr 03, 2019

Movie making studio has been long gone since produciton in Florida as we know and you know faded decades ago. But, the love letter to movie making and stepping into IPs is still asthetically there.

Disney Lover AddieApr 02, 2019

I was loving the design... then Aerosmith showed up.

Timothy_QApr 02, 2019


Texas84Apr 02, 2019

No :)

Animaniac93-98Apr 02, 2019

This year is also the 25th anniversary for Tower of Terror. Besides fixing the broken effects, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney did something to celebrate closer to Halloween IMO.

Animaniac93-98Apr 02, 2019

Now we just need to swap Olaf for Rod Serling.

Walt dApr 01, 2019

Love art deco i wish there had been more, hats off to the french” there going to name this a star wars name soon any way. Sad for sure..

WondersOfLifeApr 01, 2019

That’s fair.

GoofyernmostApr 01, 2019

I believe I let it go way back in Mid November 2018, you're just a little late to the party. ;)

WondersOfLifeApr 01, 2019

Let it go.

Rogue1138Mar 29, 2019

Wow is that ever terrifying. :eek:

Texas84Mar 28, 2019

Credit: STEVEN TYLER by SAYOMADEIT on DeviantArt