Spotlights return to Disney's Hollywood Studios with new lighting at the Chinese Theatre

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Spotlights will make a return to the skies above Disney's Hollywood Studios with a new lighting package coming to The Chinese Theatre.

Imagineer Zach Riddley has shared some images on Instagram of the new lighting system in operation. The moving spotlights were a staple at the park for many years since it opened, but fell into disrepair and were discontinued in 2010. You can read about that on a forum thread from that time here.

Zach said on Instagram:

The new nighttime appearance features bright gold accents, all-new energy-efficient LED lighting. But the part I am really excited about is the triumphant return of spotlights searching the sky as the theatre welcomes guests to the premiere of the latest Mickey Mouse short at Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. This is a culmination of years of work by our teams to bring “premiere night, every night” energy to this iconic golden age of Hollywood architecture. I love when our teams are able use their unique skills to enhance the stories within our parks and this definitely showcases what our Imagineers ingenuity.

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Article Posted: Mar 18, 2021 / 5:09pm ET
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Lilofan9 days ago

Anything is better than the big blue hat that blocked the Great Movie Ride during its time there.

Lilofan9 days ago

Sids was so cool. Famous people signing expensive paintings and such all for sale. When I checked it out I never really saw anyone buying anything.

TrainChasers9 days ago

I agree. With citizens of Hollywood, Hollywood public works, Mulch, and a daily parade the park really felt alive. Stores like Sids and the Writers Stop weren’t the “standard” Disney gift shop and had unique items and a unique feel to them.

aladdin20079 days ago

This just reminded me to pull out the soundtrack and listen to it again, I really miss MGM as it originally was. I know there was not much in terms of attraction offerings in the early days but the ambience was well thought out and down to detail. Such as Sid's at the front. Its all gone now for whatever bare senseless bone they want to throw in somewhere with no rhyme or reason. ugg.

marni19719 days ago

Absolutely. First saw it when it was a month old. The comets during Sorcerers Apprentice are still a clear memory today - guests had never been so close to pyro launchers. If I recall it was the first show to use rooftop launchers.

Robbiem9 days ago

Still my favourite fireworks show. I can hear the intro music now and the voice of Mr Vincent Price 😀

artdeco13 days ago

I do miss the days when the Magic was NEVER spoiled with construction or maintenance. It was part of the mythology and mystery - those things happened at night. I would leave in the 70's and 80's and the closest thing to maintenance I saw were the gas-powered vacuums coming down Main Street behind us. Even *they* filled me with curiosity and wonder. "What must it be like to be here overnight and see this beautiful place being made perfect again for tomorrow?"

Brenthodge14 days ago

Remember the days when pieces of buildings were designed to retract because they blocked a little bit of the view of the last few minutes of a 10 minute fireworks show? Now we park aircraft landing barges in the center of the park all day that block the view for 90% of the operating day just do we can have that fireworks show? Wow. How did we get so far removed from understanding “show quality” applies to the ENTIRE operating day, not just the last 10-20 minutes?!?

Coffeeroasters15 days ago

Just glad it is back to where it was. That in itself is an accomplishment. The search lights are meh........

marni197115 days ago

The front right, left side one did for Sorcery in the Sky fireworks to clear the view of a giant Mickey inflatable for the the finale. edit; @SplashZander you can see it’s “missing” here; if in position it would have blocked Mickey somewhat:

SplashZander15 days ago

Why did the spires even retract in the first place?

marni197115 days ago

Oh I wish 😂😂

marni197115 days ago

I want to say all the spires were replaced a few years back which also took out the retractor.