Disney's Hollywood Studios announces 30th Anniversary celebration details for May 1 2019

Apr 17, 2019 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Wednesday April 17, 2019 9:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today released details for the May 1 2019 celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Park hours on May 1 are 9am to 9pm, with the Disney After Hours ticketed event being offered from 9:30pm to 12:30am.

Here is a run-down of the special entertainment and offerings.

  • A Disney’s Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary Star-Studded Celebration cavalcade starring Mickey and friends will step off at 10am and will head along Hollywood Blvd.

  • Guests entering the park can grab a special 30th anniversary commemorative guide map and button.

  • Special 30th anniversary merchandise will be unveiled on May 1, including a new adult T-shirt, baseball cap, Tervis 24-oz tumbler, MagicBand, ornament and more. Annual passholders can also shop for some items exclusively created for them. Merchandise can be found starting at 8am in Grand Park, while supplies last. (Please note: Merchandise will go on sale at 8am, Disney’s Hollywood Studios opens at 9am)

  • Special anniversary food & beverage items will be available throughout the park, including Kylo Ren Cupcakes, Incredibles Macarons, Tres Leches Verrine and more.

  • Debut of “Wonderful World of Animation” projection show at 9:05pm.

  • Disney After Hours ticketed event will also be on offer, with the addition of meet and greets at the Chinese Theatre Courtyard and Star Wars Launch Bay, and a special showing of “Wonderful World of Animation” projection show.
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Kram SaculMay 05, 2019

Classic Disneyppointment.

TrainChasersMay 04, 2019

I feel like we were really close to getting a really cool Hollywood studios park..... (more Pixar rides, more muppets, more studios theme....) and now.....

Phil12May 04, 2019

No. Since they're animals, they're being moved to Animal Kingdom:

Magicart87May 04, 2019

Which says nothing of The Muppets. So.. bye bye Muppets?

Kman101May 03, 2019

The logo is better in animated form. I get it from a marketing and advertising perspective. But to put the logo, with the characters, into the park as the 'new logo' is a mistake. It's getting panned more than praised. The whole 30th event was fairly panned, actually. Lack of merchandise, the parade was lame, they didn't announce anything (could have announced the TSL restaurant then, could have shown the same M&MRR stuff they had at D23 or a date announcement ... they just don't care to bother ... or want to market the stuff later). The presentation was awkward, cheesy and lackluster. Sums up a lot, actually ... Those of you who like the new logo ... why? I sincerely want to know. I genuinely feel like some of you just like the stuff because you know others don't like it ...

BocabearMay 03, 2019

I guess if you take the name you want to stay with, then add a bunch of cringe-worthy names and turn it into a survey, you are going to get the answer you wanted to begin with... What a waste of resources....

TrainChasersMay 03, 2019

If you paid me a high priced “consulting fee” on a bet that I could come up with the worst names ever for a Disney park, I’m not sure I could top “Disney xl park” or “Disney Storyverse Park”. - what on earth are they thinking?!

RSoxNo1May 03, 2019

Did you notice the word "kaleidoscope" in the new BBQ restaurant press release. Has me thinking they had this one chambered for a while.

Phil12May 03, 2019

I enjoyed the tribute to the Sorcerer's Hat:

Kman101May 02, 2019

My take, recap of the day ... The 2, 2-1/2 hour line moved fairly well (for the most part), and they had "extra" registers open for check out so that helped. I thought it made sense to contain it by Muppets and in Grand Park. The tervis, ornament, and both shirts were still available at After Hours that night. Someone was shouting the passholder magic band was sold out as you were nearing the entrance but that wasn't the case (at 10:30/11am, that is, I have no doubt it sold out later, in fact at that time they were putting out lots more). They still had a pin or two left that night ... but if you wanted the magic band(s) or pins you needed to wait. They also sold out of some of the treats, but they had the Luxo ball during After Hours at Woody's Lunchbox, so I imagine they held some back.

IsherMay 02, 2019

I don’t mind the new logo. It’s simple, but I think it’s pretty on point. It de-emphasizes the studio aspect, it includes the 3 studios represented in the park (Lucas, Disney, Pixar), and most importantly, the font is reminiscent of Hollywood’s most famous sign and landmark. But I get why it has its detractors...

EagleScout610May 02, 2019

12.5 minutes. I'm counting Google Image Search Time

ThatMouseMay 02, 2019

Haha too funny! Great work! I mean great 10 mins of work!

EagleScout610May 02, 2019

I scared myself making these. Also I couldn't think of anyone else for EPCOT. Figment? Nah, he dead.