New non-stop walkthrough security scanners come to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Aug 14, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Disney's Hollywood Studios is now equipped with the updated non-stop walkthrough security scanners at the main entrance bag check.

Using the same system that was tested at Disney Springs in early July, and deployed first to Disney's Animal Kingdom, the Evolv Express allows guests to pass through without emptying any bags, stopping or slowing, and can even scan groups together.

Using artificial intelligence, the system automatically differentiates weapons from personal items and can consistently screen 60 people every minute for firearms and other threats. That is roughly 10X faster than a traditional checkpoint system that was previously used.

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Article Posted: Aug 14, 2020 / 1:26pm ET
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Figments Friend8 days ago

'Columbus Day Weekend'. In the U.S., a three day weekend for many. A quick hop to a favorite travel location is a common pastime for many. Basically, the last 'long weekend of fun with the kids' folks in the Northeast can have before the cold weather hits later in October. -

olie648 days ago

That is dead smack in the middle of fall breaks for schools in the guessing that is playing into it.

Magic Feather8 days ago

Holiday week

JohnD8 days ago

What's going on October 9-16 where DHS is blocked out to resort guests and ticket holders? But AP holders have access to all parks October 13-15? I've never seen it where AP holders get the better deal, even for several days.

ryan1Aug 25, 2020

We were there Sunday and had a great time. We felt very safe with almost everyone following the distancing and face mask rules. We heard cast members several times telling guests to cover their noses with their masks or to make sure the mask was on. The parks seemed very well "controlled" to make it as safe as possible. We rode Slinky twice, aliens, mania, and M&M railway all before lunch. After lunch we did star tours, tower, RnR, dance party, Slinky again, and finished with Rise before leaving at 6:30. It was our first time on Rise so I don't know if any pre-shows or other parts of the ride were modified but overall it is a awesome ride.

Magic FeatherAug 24, 2020

Has anyone gotten/found a clean recording of the queue soundtrack (namely the Chinese Theater lobby music, but also the load room music) yet?

disneygeek90Aug 24, 2020

This should be a relaxation zone. Universal is using large theaters that gives you plenty of space to sit out of the sun and away from others. Most of Disney's zones are so small it doesn't even make sense.

ParkerLoLsAug 24, 2020

Well, the thing is as reliable now as it was then (maybe even worse now!) -- and capacity is lower!

DCBakerAug 24, 2020

"Well, it’s not really how we wanted to enter the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular theater after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the parks, but the theater has reopened today. As a result of relying heavily on the Mobile Order system to encourage physical distancing, many quick service locations have large groups of guests waiting outside the entrance, waiting for their order to be readied." "To allow for more social distancing, Disney has opened up a section of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular theater to guests. The theater was already marked for social distancing as Disney had anticipated reopening the theme parks with physically distanced seating."

RobWDW1971Aug 24, 2020

Just checking - it was "awful" because there were so many people there - and you were one of them creating the crowding. The lack of self-awareness is incredible.

disneygeek90Aug 24, 2020

Universal has seemed a bit messy lately, I'm not sure what if anything they are doing to control capacity but it seems awfully busy on the weekends. The buy a day get a day promo must be working, but it's not a great guest experience when you expect a reduced and controlled capacity and several attractions are showing 100 min waits.

PiebaldAug 24, 2020

I was at Universal Aug 23 and it looked just like the Jan 19 photo. I notice the walkways are a lot smaller there but good lord it was so bad this weekend were it not for free passes from a team member but I would have given my feedback to their survey team. It was awful.